Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shaunie Fires 3 Basketball Jumpoff's

And it's not the one's that need to be sent packing...Silly me, I thought Shaunie would've tried to regain her self respect and pull the plug on this modern day minstrel show with bad earrings, fake attitudes and enough weave to cover the back of all the horses at the Kentucky Derby. My prediction of the show ending and Black America could once again try and recover from ignorant whores pretending to be classy because they just so happened to open their legs to the right man with the correct amount of change is so off, she just cut the more boring or the more intelligent cast members. But that's like being the smartest whore in a room full of whores, so that's not really anything to brag about or feel particularly proud of.

Shaunie cut Kesha Nichols, Royce Reed, and Jennifer Williams from the walk of shame, returning next season. The supposed reason is that they're dead weight, but if that's the case, Suzie (the white chick), should've been cut last season because all she does is pass messages like some kind of carrier pigeon, stares blankly and then hides behinds sunglasses when drama jumps off. She's basically the Yorkie of the cast.

Royce Reed is painfully dull, in between crying about her younger tatted up boyfriend that cheats on her, dancing, "acting", being sanctimonious, crying again, and being under a gag order about her baby daddy Dwight Howard, she serves no purpose, other than being annoying. She is the goldfish of the cast, she is just there, doing nothing.

Jennifer "the magic dragon" Williams is being cut for obvious reasons, no one wants to shoot with her. All she does is piss people off, makes excuses and pretends that she doesn't remember what she said that pissed everyone off. She has that "throw a rock and hide your hand" syndrome. She also loves running her mouth and when someone hits her in it to shut it, she wants to run and file a law suit. Plus she sounds like Kermit the frog on helium and thinks she is much prettier than she really is. Someone really needs to send this dragon looking girl a mirror and seriously tell her about herself and let her know that no matter how much Roberto Cavalli and Chanel she wears, she is still a crappy person and a worse friend. Although, Evelyn and Jennifer made up, we cut Jennifer just when they get along. Can't have any positivity on the show, that would be too much like right...

Kesha & PeanutKesha, Kesha, Kesha...sweet, delicate Kesha. What happened to her and what Queen of the Damned Tammi did to her on their trip to hell, was wrong. She was bullied and how Tammi continues to blame HER is nothing short of amazing. I really wish I had whatever drugs that Tammi was taking so I could see the world the way she sees the world. It would be nice to actually believe that she was "helping" her by holding her purse for her so no one take it instead of holding it hostage just to prove a point.  Personally, I wouldn't come back and publicly humiliate myself with any of these skanks again and if I were being "let go", it would be a relief to me. I'm sure she isn't losing any sleep on this one.

Basketball Wives
Not One Wife In the Cast, Only 3 Were Wives
I cringe at the thought of who they will scrape up from the bottom of the barrel to replace these three, but I don't expect Kobe's wife, Juanita Jordan or Tiger's ex. (Yes I know Tiger plays golf, but these aren't wives and Evelyn is marrying Chad Ochocinco and he plays football, so there are no rules with this show). If you are in the mood or think you can make casting, you better snag a baller within the next few months so you can get paid and get 15 minutes of fame to act a fool and embarrass your race.

This Could Be You, Like The Airbrushed Abs?

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