Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chris Brown's misFortunate Gay Slur

Come out, come out wherever you are...

Chris Brown Gay Sex Martyn
Take It To The Head
Several words come to mind when I think of Chris Brown. Arrogant, ass, jerk off, punk, bitch made, insecure, paranoid, ill-natured, obnoxious, whiny, childish, petty, abhorrent, irksome, rotten, flippant, shallow, trivial, acrimonious, petulant, pertinacious and crusty.

When it comes to Brown, I compartamentalize him, like I suspect most normal people do with celebrities. We know that they are probably the most wretched people to meet in life and have the worst attitudes on the planet, but we listen to their music and watch their movies and judge their body of work as a separate entity from the real person. It becomes more difficult when the artist becomes over-exposed like Beyonce' was a few years ago, then the personal persona and the character merge and that's when people just can't take anymore from them. Rihanna is heading down that territory, actually went down that road a year ago, but I digress...

Breezy has never been an "artist" that I really liked or listened to. I illegally downloaded a few songs, but an entire album, no. He can dance, can't sing, at least not without auto-tune, but what artist can sing without auto-tune these days. The music that he releases can only be described as generic at best and just plain laughable at worst. Let me save you some money and tell you the theme of his latest techno dancy, R&B disaster album "Fortune", "I got money, I got women, I love to drink, I love to party till I pass out,unprotected sex is fun." The End.

In true Chris Brown fashion, he has been running his mouth on Twitter, because that's what this new crop of celebrities do to stay relevant. They tweet nonsense and "act" stupid to get attention to add money to their bank account. This latest beef is with Frank Ocean, you know the guy that came out again as being gay. Chris thought it would be fun to say, "No Homo", on his feed. Understandably, people think that this statement is homphobic and now he is on the defensive. People still say "No Homo?" Probably only closeted homos that are pretending not to be homos say it, I guess.

Chris Brown

My Opinion on the whole Frank Ocean subject is ......... Love who u wanna love. It's ur decision. People stop searching for BS.
Breezy, who cares about your opinion on Frank Ocean? You are the last person in the world that I would seek out for relationship advice, since YOUR record isn't quite pristine. That's like asking Oscar the Grouch to decorate my loft.

When Chris' lame pro choice tweet didn't win him over any fans, he responded with this one:


Anonymous said...

"but what artist can sing without auto-tune these days"..

Actually MANY can. But they all starve while the ignorant masses give shit-heads like this all their attention.

Rebel Flower said...

True. Other than Adele, there are good artists that can sing, but they aren't heavily promoted by major labels.