Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Open Letter to People Mad at Beyonce' and Jay-z's Cuba Trip...

Let Them Eat Cake
Get over It!  Why did anyone think that these people were the faces of responsible black America I will never quite understand. There were head scratching pictures of the Carters and the Obama's side by side with captions like, "Responsible Black Family". I was like, "What?" I was ready to set fire to the rain over the foolishness... We have one person that can barely speak or write on a fifth grade level, wears the same blond lace front she's been rocking for a decade, a backstabber, a plagiarist, and duller than a piece of cardboard held under a faucet. Then we have a person who is almost 50, tragically unattractive, has rhymed the same lame weak lines since the 90's, believes he is Al Capone or John Gotti, brags about being a mogul and to his everlasting shame, introduced and peddled Rihanna on the world. He should get up and do an apology tour for that alone. Somehow Beyonce' and Jigga Man have gotten their hooks into the Obama's to make themselves seem, I don't know, smarter, respectable and less like what they really are. Selfish money grubbing assholes. Can't we as a race do better than this?

Apparently, the trip was authorized by the Treasury Department as an educational and cultural exchange. Beyonce' and educational...that's like Kim Kardashian and chastity, those two words just don't go together. I bet Joe Camel got a butt load of Cuban Cigars, you know, he is a "thug", at least he was 20 years ago, and he reminds us in every album named Blueprint, which I believe is on the 4th version.

Last I checked Beyowulf and Joe Camel were Americans, no matter how annoying or mezmerizingly stupid they are, are free to travel to wherever they choose without being called out for hypocrisy even if they travel to a decrepit non scary Communist country. The only Communist country that's remotely imposing is China and that's because of their size and due to them owning our national debt. The embargo is stupid, period point blank. It's been over 50 years...seriously. How can we do business with China or Vietnam but keep sanctions on Cuba? That's hypocrisy, American style. Our Cuban policy stopped making sense decades ago, and if we want to start pointing fingers about human rights violations, we need to start right here. We have created a private prison industrial complex that is rife with human right abuses. Also, let's not forget water boarding, rendition, being spied on at any time by the government, all thanks to the Patriot Act.

The Bay of Pigs was during Kennedy's time, and those were Russian, Soviet weapons that were a threat to the US, not Cuban. Presently, Castro is on the verge of death, so really, what is the big deal now?

Getting Edumacation
Let's not get it twisted with Beyonce' and Jay-Z, they are not thoughtful people, they aren't smart and they didn't go to Cuba to examine the plight of the Cuban populace. They went there because they thought it was an exotic, chic place to relax. They don't care that the Cuban tourism department is run by the Cuban military and when they spends money, they are funding the oppressors of the Cuban people. Jay doesn’t know that artists in Cuba, with whom he was supposedly having a cultural exchange, serve under the close supervision of the government, and don’t enjoy the freedom to defiantly name check the President, call out a few senators, threaten to buy a kilo of cocaine just to spite the government, or suggest that they will follow up their purchase with a shooting spree, as rapped about in "Open Letter."

Jay-Z lives a willful blind ignorance and flaunts it in his music. He started his career by making music which made people in his situation feel they could aim for the things he rapped about. Then when he obtained those things he figured it would be clever to rap about how the common man cannot obtain what he has. He has since found himself unable to make music about anything except for more ways to say he has things you cannot get. Jay-z engages in a willful manipulation of his image among poor people.

beyonce nipples
Eff You, Pay Me!
These two ring worms never take responsibility for any causes unless it's getting your money by being bad artists while pretending to be good one's. 

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