Sunday, October 11, 2009

MJ's This is It- Mixed Feelings

Well, footage of MJ's This is It practice footage will hit the theatres in a few weeks for a limited time and the world can see what MJ was capable of polishing his tarnished crown. Watching the commercial, I had mixed feelings about the fact once again we cannot stop our obsession with this man, even in death. Yes, we loved Michael, yes we miss Michael, especially now since we can appreciate him and his music, but that love harmed him. That harm manifested itself on his face. We hunted him, never allowed him normalcy, denied him a real life. To me, the this is it movie seem a bit voyeuristic and exploitative. Seeing him in his final days doing what he does best no doubt is a plus, but I don't believe that is something that he would like. If this were Janet, I don't think he would allow this type of activity to take place. But that's my opinion. The situation just feels a little dirty to me and it just feels like once again, the world is taking from Michael.

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