Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alabama Turning Into Nazi Germany

Stupidity Alert: F-

Welcome to Republican Rule! Our wonderful crypt keeper governor has set the gold standard of showing how backwards Alabama truly is today by signing yet another idiotic bill into law requiring public schools to determine students immigration status and making it a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride. The police is also allowed to arrest anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant if they're stopped for any other reason (yeah right). Alabama Employers are required to search through a system called E-verify, almost like running a warrant check or criminal background check, to verify that the potential employee is in the country legally. Gov. Bentley says the law is the toughest in the country not to mention the dumbest, xenophobic and racist I have ever seen. They really believe this will change the employment landscape and get Alabamians back in the workforce by the creation of this stupid bill. How exactly? Hispanics do jobs that most Americans typically don't do for much less money. I don't about you, but I'm not an outdoor girl and I'm afraid of snakes, so yard work isn't my cup of tea. Working 10 hrs. a day for $5.75, WAIT WE GOTTA STOP THAT GRAVY TRAIN! How dare they come here and take all of our great jobs? The Republicans need to be happy anyone is even in this state of fools or bothers to come here at all. Get ready for the tourism boycott that this state so desperately needs just like in Arizona. Do you people think more than 5 minutes in front of your faces?

This is a return to this pro-nationalistic anti Semitic sentiment that the Germans fell victim to that brought Hitler to power in the 1930's. We have a bad economy, infrastructure, unsuccessful foreign campaigns, crushing debts, less than intelligent electorate(I'm being kind with the label, less than intelligent), that believes in the Easter bunny who can we blame? Let's blame these strange people who seem to be taking over the country. Maybe the FEMA concentration camps are real? Yes? No? Blame the Jews, now blame the Mexicans for our problems. Are we afraid that most illegal immigrants speak intelligible English and that will give an unfair advantage over most Alabamians?

Alabama earns her title in the racism hall of shame with a gold star with this one. The legislators haven't considered what happens to these municipalities who have to hire extra cops to arrest people on the suspicion of being illegal or teachers playing detective on which students are illegal when the state has issued hiring freezes and firing teachers left and right. These teachers don't even know which student can read of write by the time they reach high school, but they are expected to play immigration cop in addition to worry about getting fired because everyone hates the teacher's union and they're underpaid. That's Alabama, focusing on a zygote, voter id, immigration than on jobs and the economy, the cradle of idiocy. I thought Governor Bentley looked like someones slave master from Roots, but he is the Fuhrer just not as charismatic or charming who now reinforces the stereotype that one can only succeed in Alabama when you are white, male, baptist and bigoted. Thanks for the intolerance and reinforcing the bad history of racial violence and hate and projecting the worst part of us to the whole world. I would hate to be Hispanic in this state, Hell, I hate being black going through certain parts of this pathetic state at night, like Clanton and Cullman.

Congratulations you tea party poop shoots! You got played AGAIN! You got sucked into vote buying corruption and white collar welfare for all these politician lawyer buddies. They won in November, but the state lost. Oh the US Constitution that you idiots love so much but probably are unable to read and/ or understand, let's just toss it out. We already burn books or at least alter them, it's hot as hell anyway so I guess that sub for the ovens for now. It seems as if our legislator's read our joke of a constitution substituted the word for "escaped slave" and used "illegal immigrant". We are all immigrants...but again, no one knows that because that information is found in books, along with Paul Revere's ride and the space walk, things every jackass should know and learned in elementary school.

Soon we will be hiding Mexicans in our attics. Heil Bentley and the rest of the Klan running the state! Thanks for embarrassing us, yet again...

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