Monday, June 13, 2011

Anthony Weiner Stands Firm on the Peter Principle

"But I'm a creep/I'm a weirdo/What the hell am I doing here?/I don't belong here"- Creep by Radiohead

This story gets creepier and creepier. It seems as if a new set of partially nude photos has been found that Weiner sent of himself taken on his blackberry in what is said to be the HOUSE MEMBERS GYM. Democratic leadership is diplomatically calling on him to resign because this is going to hurt Obama's re-election next year. Now even the White House is calling for Weiner's resignation, well in it's typical "make a statement without saying anything" fashion. A White House Rep. stated that Weiner's actions have been a "distraction and inappropriate". For Obama, this is a distraction. His nice Osama bounce in the polls have evaporated, he's pissed off Israel (but who doesn't piss them off outside of killing off Arabs), he's pissed off the Arab's, unemployment is at 9.1%, he's allowing a bunch of inbred hicks in the House to black mail the poor and the middle class by threatening to default on America's debt, and has not done enough for job creation. He's trying to convince a more cynical more racially divided electorate to roll the dice and take another chance on Obama. He has a tough sell and a huge mountain to climb and having a narcissistic doofus roaming the halls harms his credibility. If only "Weinergate" happened in 2010.

Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Party Chairman) are both calling on him to resign as well as pundits and political aficionados looking at 2012.  Details also emerged that this genius was chatting it up with a 17 year old girl, yet he claims no inappropriate messages  transpired between the two of them. Yeah...and the wildest thing that passed through Rick James' system was yoohoo and tang. Now, in true Hollywood form, Weiner is going into treatment for his "addiction" to sending half naked photos of himself to people that isn't his wife. It's really a shame that such a promising career is going up in flames and no sex with prostitutes, little boys, or of any kind took place. This is what idiotic leaders/ celebs do when they run off at the mouth or get caught with their pants down, admit themselves into rehab. He didn't actually sleep with, or molest anyone, he's not on any high price madam's call list, bribe or steal, so the outrage by the left and the right is disingenuous. However, as this is something that he should've known was a possible outcome to his behavior due to the fact that he was so vocal and so high profile. Andrew Breitbart and other conservatives were constantly monitoring his twitter feeds hoping for something to take him down. It's not like this is his first time or his year in political office, he's been in office for a number of years working for Chuck Schumer, serving on NY's City Council before he even was elected to Congress. He should know better than to send these types of photos and then lie about their existence, like they wouldn't surface. The media has over hyped this story, but again, Weiner put himself in this position and the only person anyone should pity for is his wife.

Surely Weiner understands that in the end, the only option he has is to step down. If the democrats want to have any power of any kind, they have to cut off the defective limb and leave him in the dirt. The end game is keeping the White House, maintaining the majority in the Senate and possibly picking up seats again in the House (at this point that's a long shot). If they lose the Senate, but Obama retains the Presidency, all Obama can do is pick up his ceremonial veto pen and waste time and ink. With a 2/3 majority in the Senate, guess what happens? Override of a Presidential Veto. That's right. Health care get's repealed/ defunded, more idiotic Draconian abortion bills, privatized medicare and God knows what else morons like Richard Shelby and Michelle Bachmann can come up with. They might even bring indentured servitude back, assuming they know what that is. If Weiner had only had sex or killed someone it would've been so much easier to demonize this man and label him a hypocrite, a leach, or a fool. Well...fool still applies. But, as a matter of political survival Weiner has to go home and focus on his private parts instead of duking it out in the Congress, thereby costing Obama the White House and the Dem's the House and the Senate in 2012 and 2014.

Too bad Boehner won't stand up for Weiner.


Redeye said...

I disagree. If Dick Cheney didn't have to resign after shooting his pal in the face and not reporting it, and Bush can send our troops to war based on dead wrong intelligence and David Vitter is still roaming the halls of Congress, Anthony Weiner can too.

Didn't the Clinton impeachment teach us anything?

Rebel Flower said...

I would agree with you under different circumstances. But Obama is much more vulnerable than Bush was and the Democrats aren't as effective in manipulation as the GOP is. The wars, the economy, and the unemployment rate,the healthcare bill, and Charlie Rengel is just too much for the Dem's to counteract during the election year. They are trying to gain credibility and they can't get it like this.

Should Weiner have to resign? No. Not for this. But under the current set of circumstances he won't have a choice because of the political realities of an Obama re-election campaign. It's all political.

Redeye said...

If Obama is much more vulerable than Bush it's his own damn fault. He has continued the wars, allowed the republicans to obstruct his agenda and kept a lot of the Bush people and policies. Obama is so busy trying to keep his job he's not doing his job.

If Wiener resigns the terrorist win. Again.

Rebel Flower said...

I totally agree with you, it's Obama's fault. Weiner is a sacrificial lamb, it's not fair but it's the game. He shouldn't have to resign for Obama's inadequacies as a leader but he has to shift blame onto someone. It can't be Bush this time.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible creature. If he were a beautiful man I could see him having some pride in how he looks ... but he's SO grotesque that, really, his inability to perceive this goes to the very heart of his inability to see clearly anything else. His very NAME?! It is a humiliation. That he kept it rather than change it, if not for his sake then for the sake of whatever children he might have, bespeaks a fundamental lack of common sense.