Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Soulja Boy is a Racist and a Homophobe?

One wonders about his hetero status when they see this photo... Or maybe he's just a talentless dumbass that never should've had money to begin with. My question is why alienate people that come on your page who may buy your trash that you laughingly call music. Will "superman that hoe" ever make it in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  NO! Will "get out the way, pretty boy coming through" ever win a Grammy? Maybe...If garbage like, "take me for a ride ride, make it last all night night", won. (Red headed goat's Only Girl in the World). Of course, this hack doesn't have the production team that Rihanna has to turn water into wine, so we see the lack of rapping skills up front.

Apparently Soulja Boy had some problems on his facebook page with haters and went on a rant, a racist, homophobic rant. This puts Mel Gibson's "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world, and sugar tits," to shame. Can you see Tupac getting in facebook and twitter fights? Is this what's hot in the streets now? Well flaming is more like it.
“WHO THE f*ck “likes” an artist on facebook who they dont LIKE. DUMB ASS”. If you dont like ME or my music UNLIKE the page and let the people who do enjoy their artist giving updates and music out. sh*t getting out of hand now. GTFOH you stalkers”. 

“how can you say “i hate you” blah blah blah. when you are on my page that doesnt make any sense! it sounds crazy you are stalking a person who you dont like WTF kinda sh*t is that. no life having b*tches. haters are so f*cking stupid! “i dont like soulja boy so im gonna like his facebook and wait till he post a video to be the 1st one to comment”

n***a get the fuck out of here go get some p***y and stop being a lame”.

“p***y ass white boys make me sick man.

LET A BLACK MAN SHINE AND DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!!! DAMN YALL ALREADY GOT MONEY AND LIVING RIGHT STOP HOLDING US BLACK PEOPLE DOWN TRYING TO DO SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH THEIR LIVES! YALL BEEN f*ckING WITH US SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. if I don’t like a artist im not going to like their facebook and talk to them. use common sense and stop being stupid.”. (Do something positive? Using your body as a canvas for a magic marker and making the worse music the world has ever heard isn't doing any positive. Did I mention lying, and saying that you wrote "whip my hair". Like that was such a profound song, with such lyrical creativity. It would be more positive if you learned how to spell and use proper grammar rules, but that would be expecting too much).

"IM TIRED OF WHITE PEOPLE DOING US LIKE THIS MAN!! THEY TREAT US SO WRONG!! f*ck THEM MAN ON GOD!! (I don't think that's possible and I don't think God would like that, unless you are a member of New Birth, then you can become a Bishop)

fu*k THEM FOR LIKING A BLACK MANS FACEBOOK JUST TO TALK shit!! f*ck RACIST I HATE YOU”. (That literally makes no sense)

“Maybe I finally said the right sh*t to get these racist to unlike my page. Fans i’m sorry you had to read this. but we must take a stand. they WILL not treat us like this any longer. I dont give a f*ck.” (English speakers, I'm sorry that we have a multi-millionaire, that can't express a complete thought without profanity and he can't even curse in the right tense).

“I’m gonna keep talking sh*t to these white f*ggots until they unlike my page. f*cking weirdo stalkers!”(so...black faggots are ok? apparently so, because he would have to unlike his own page.)

Oh yes...it's the white, gay man's fault  that Soulja Boy sucks worse than a prostitute on the track. Considering they are the only one's buying his godawful crap he puts out that he calls music. This is from the person that gave a shout out to the slave masters so they can get that ice. Those white people with money sign his checks and again buy his tragically stupid music. Oh wait..no one bought DeAndre Way did they? It was one of the biggest flops of the year and only sold 200,000 units. His first album only went gold, so that means only 500,000 stupid people bought that afterbirth of an album. What do I expect from someone that repeats Gucci Bandanna over and over? I think I got dumber reading his posts. A typical Soulja Boy fan has an IQ of about 31, has never heard real hip hop, and thinks that Soulja Boy is talented because he gets money. Soulja Boy's music is so terrible that it could incite violence by it's sheer mediocrity and by it's secret language of ignorance that only Soulja Boy and his brain dead fans understand. Back in 2008, MTV compiled a list of the top 10 MC's, Crank That Soulja Boy was still popular for some reason...On this list were Nas, Jay-Z(over rated), Common, Talib Kweli, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco, interestingly no Kanye. But, Soulja Boy, stated that he was the best in the game. Can you believe that? The best MC in the game? Even detoxing Eminem rapping nonsense was better than "yooooooo".  I hate Jay-Z, he and Roc Nation are responsible for 7 Head Goat Rihanna, but come on, Soulja Boy on his best day is better than Jay-Z? DeAndre Way. Crank that Soulja Boy was a nursery rhyme...enee meanie mynee moe. He deserves awards for that? My 1 year old cousin has an entire book of them, let's cash in! That's some serious fail sauce. Puffy has more credibility than this clown that runs around with clothes 5 sizes too large and have his name written on his sunglasses in bubble paint from an arts and crafts store. Soulja a real MC? Tupac is rolling over in his grave or sucking a tiddy on an island. Whichever...

Soulja Boy is a demon sent from hell to destroy hip hop with his lame lyrics and lame songs and he has flacid album sales to prove how lame he is. So before he becomes the next black activist, he needs to go back to school, learn how to spell and better yet learn how to rap.

By the by, he deserves to be taken in a field and shot for this news here: This homo thug is remaking JUICE! To add insult to injury he's going to play Tupac's character Bishop and Wacka will play Raheim and this will be set in Atlanta...KILL YO SELF! This will be a mini-movie to go along with his (laugh) mix tape also titled Juice. I guess that's why he's making these rants channeling his inner Tupac? The difference between Pac and this jigaboo, is that Pac worked to master his craft and it was obvious by the quality of his rhymes and the improvement of his acting skills.  I sense another bad decision in a long list of bad decisions. Remember when Wyclef and the other's butchered "we are the world?" Who wanted to see Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and other auto tuned trash ruin a classic along with a CGI Michael Jackson split screened with an old Janet. Some things should not be touched or duplicated and this is one of those things. A 45 min. made for TV movie is an abomination to Tupac's legacy and hard work. If he isn't dead, this could very well bring him out of hiding. Whoever green lit this should be shot and go down as the worst director in history and I mean worst than M.Night Shymalan and Uwe Boll. This isn't worth $1 instant streaming on red box. Everyone involved should be sent to another dimension where we can't suffer from this phuckery.

Kanye where are you? Please snatch the mic or the penis out of his hand. Since Jigga can't rap about anything anymore but himself, can't he help this swamp monster? Can't Em stop blowing Dre's nuts and help this clown? Please stop this travesty... He can keep grabbing his nuts in his tight nut hugger jeans and try and convince the world that he has talent but we all know who and what he is. An ignorant little boy who has way too much time on his hands, who can be out rapped by Lil Mama and Willow Smith.

Soulja is trash that is out of the bag but not out of the closet.