Friday, June 17, 2011

Beyowulf So Stupid, She Proves MEN Rule the World in Her Own Song

There once was a Princess named Beyonce who had 3 ugly stepsisters and they had a group called Destiny's Child (Beyonce and them). Initially they had marginal success, but one constant was we always knew who the star was. BEYONCE. People were removed out of the group, but there was still only one star. Our star got a blond weave, she was groomed to reign the top 40 with disposable pop songs designed to seem creative with booty shaking rifts and repetitive hooks about her awesomeness. For those of us who actually like "real" music, she became elevator music and partly why we stopped listening to the radio, for other's she became the reason why lonely women remained single. And then the insufferable song "survivor" came out. Fears emerged that the Princess would leave the interchangeable bastard stepsisters behind. "no", the princess smiled, "I will never leave D.C." The next year, an album is released called "Destiny Fulfilled". Eyes Rolled...We all knew the princess would go solo, even though she was already solo anyway. Sadly, Beyowulf was born. She consumed and devoured. She stole less known performers entire routines and passed them off as her own. She gyrated, she seized, she wore corsets, body suits to hide her not so perfect body, she screamed singed and she acted. Oh lord...she had the emotion of a corpse and was upstaged by a pudgy Jennifer Hudson. Who can actually sing without the screaming. She married a camel who hasn't been able to rap since 2002 but was upstaged by Lil Mama on the VMA's. Then she became Sasha Fierce because everyone had to have an "alter ego" and Beyowulf being one of the biggest plagiarists and morons had to go along with it too. *sigh* She took a break, apparently to search YouTube for performances to copy, has emerged with the ultimate power point presentation Billboard performance and her long anticipated album and it doesn't look good.

Poor Poor Beyowulf. It seems that She isn't Running the World. It seems it takes more to run her career than a crusty weave and gold lame' hot pants. I never thought that at 8 weeks on billboard she would be at *cough* #75 on the Hot 100, #47 on R&B and Hip Hop (giggles), and #4 on Dance and Club Play. What?! Katy Perry is still charting better than her on the hot 100. J.Lo is like #7 and we know she is charting because of American Idol. Beyowulf pulled out all the stops, she had hyenas wearing a couture gown, flipping off cameras, rolling around in the sand, recycled "single ladies" choreo, tight dresses, nappy, crusty blond weave slang every where. It all screams success. It's worked before. You know formulas... She even brought more seizure like dance moves that people love and want to try at the club and she is trying to pick up where the Spice Girls left off and give the mindless bimbos all over the world a new sense of "girl power". Let's examine the lyrics shall we.

Some of them men
Think they freak this like we do
But no they don't.

Well, I'm not exactly sure what she means here, and I'm not sure she does either. This type of crap here is why we never can be taken seriously. Yeah, let's run around in a body suit or a "freak'em dress" and stroll into a board meeting and see what happens. That's why men don't "freak this like we do". Actually no one freaks this (whatever "this" is), like she does. Most of us can speak in coherent sentences and can see the illogical thought process of a person whose hair no one has seen since she was eight years old, become a spokesperson for a hair color line. Plus, she and her equally fake step ford mother, have a hair salon, why is her weave ALWAYS crusty? Most of the whores of Flavor of Love rocked better weave than that.

Make your cheque come at they neck.
Disrespect us, no they won't.
Boy, don't even try to touch me.
Boy, this beat is crazy!
This is how they made me.
Houston, Texas baby.
his goes out to all my girls
That's in the club rocking the latest.
Who would buy it for themselves and get more money later.
I think I need a barber(barber).
None of these b****** can fade me (fade me).
I'm so good with this
I remind you I'm so hood with this.
Boy I'm just playing,
Come here baby.
Hope you still like me

I never liked her. No one can fade her? I can name several so called artists that are "fading" her right now. Adele, Katy Perry (big breasted auto tuned bedazzled joke), J.Lo (an old joke), Nicki Minaj (retard pseudo rapper), The Black Eyed Peas(succubus, blackula and the random dudes that no one knows), Britney Spears (walking zombie), Chris "beat her down" Brown, Wiz Khalifa (all he talks about is weed), Ke$ha (she looks like she woke up at the bottom of a dumpster and someone threw glitter on her), Kelly Rowland (one of the interchangeable bastard stepsisters), Selena Gomez (Justin Biebers lesbian lover), and the queen of nothing Rihanna. This list should make her depressed. Only Adele can actually sing, Chris Brown can dance and has some decent beats, and I got to give Kelly props for Motivation. The rest of them are mind rot and cause emotional and physical pain to those with taste. I agree that the beat is crazy, like DSM IV, that's why the song is a brick on billboard. How exactly did they (who is this they), make her? Did "they" make her with blond weave? Did they make her phonier than a $2K bill or Rihanna's voice? Oh, they meant eating Popeye's chicken? I see it on the thighs, all on the thighs boo. That's why she wears dresses at every award show that she can't walk, breath, or sit in. Again, #74 on the chart and 1+1 is lower, NO ONE LIKES YOU!

What does she mean she needs a barber? Does she mean someone to cut that lifeless creature that has taken root on her head? Then I agree, she needs a barber and she needed him about 10 years ago. She's from Texas, the so called hood, there are barbers a'plenty, along with churches, jails, and liquor stores. I thought she was from the suburbs? Remember? Didn't she try to throw shade on Janet saying that her father didn't pimp her out like the Jackson's and they had a Jaguar, etc...I can only listen to one of every three words that comes out of her mouth, before I change the channel in utter disgust at the sheer ignorance of this girl.

My persuasion can build a nation.
Endless power our love we can devour.
You'll do anything for me.

The only thing I want to do for this girl is get her some books, leapfrog, hooked on phonics, and info on women who actually ran the world. You know women like Elizabeth I, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Mayer, Hilary Clinton, Condaleeza Rice, Katherine the Great, etc... If the future hold's gross stupidity, vapid vanity, soulessness and ashy knees, don't sign me up for that world. I want to take my chances for the Thunderdome or for the cults that believe that their god will come whenever their leader says. I will take my chances with Glenn Beck and his conspiracy theories and Fema camps, he at least speaks cogently.

I'm repping for the girls that's
Taking over the world
Help me raise a glass for the college grads.
Forty-one roll and to let you know what time it is, cheque!
You cant hold me!
I work my nine to five, better cut my check!
This goes out to all the women
Getting it in you on your grind.

It would be great, so GREAT if this bimbo was one of the college grads that she was so called "repping". Please don't rep for me. No thanks! She identifies more with Kim Kartrashian, Paris Hilton, and the hookers on Basketball Wives that screw for handbags than she does with me. She reps groupies, hookers, prostitutes, skeezers, skanks, bar hoes, crack heads and crazy baby mamas. Not productive members of society, let's get that straight. You better cut my check? She sounds more like a pimp than a mogul. Oh that's Jigga that says, "I'm a mogul", every song. My bad. Again, Beyonce is a bad person to represent working women and girl power, especially throwing in educated women. I mean really? This from the person that sounds like she is reading from dummy cards when she says "you are worth it". Are you serious? If she represents "smart" women, then I would be afraid to see a stupid woman, they must be completely brain dead, lobotomized one celled organisms that should be thrown in the "defective" bin. She is the prototype for a Bratz doll, if they could make it life sized and sell it in the back of adult shops, it could make lot's of money, minus the scream singing, of course...

To other men that respect
What I do please accept my shine.
Boy you know you love it
How we smart enough to make these millions.
Strong enough to bear the children
Then get back to bidness.
See,you better not play me
Oh come here baby.
Hope you still like me
If you hate me.
My persuasion can build a nation.
Endless power our love we can devour.
You'll do anything for me.

Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Britney Spears again are the WORST examples for "female empowerment" because we have marketing tools with marginal talent (and I have listed their talent in order), who sell sex to braindead fans. It's basically lingerie modeling set to music. Godawful annoying music. Beyonce made her money becuase of management by her FATHER! That's a man...what is she talking about? Rihanna, Jay-Z's mistress and hobby horse is the benefactor of her beatdown from Chris Brown and blowing Jay-Z. Again, a MAN! Britney is under a conservatorship of her father, no doubt slipping her meds to keep her under control, otherwise she would be back vajajay flashing and running over photographers. What's the common denominator? A MAN! The only thing Beyonce has right is women are strong enough to give birth, but every aspect of her life is the opposite of what she is singing. The only shine Beyonce has is the ever prescent vacant expression in her eyes, which is something that girls more like WOMEN that rule the world DO NOT have.

Beyonce is a swagger jacker and box office poison, she would have to have a personality to emote a character. How can a person with the personality and intellect of a tossed salad suddenly act like a creme brulee? She can barely talk let alone act, and it's shocking that she doesn't get whiplash from slinging that crusty weave around and selling her body to the highest bidder. Yeah, great example...Plus, her house of Dereon line "clothing" makes hootchie clothes for kids. What message are you sending them? Reach down for your inner hoe kids? Get your money kids? Find that pimp named big daddy to make your money.

I hear she is doing some big thanksgiving performance, enough time to troll the internet to steal more performances from foreign artists like she did her Billboard/ Power Point performance.

Beyonce once again proves that men in fact run the world and if idiots/ feme bots like her keep talking and women listen, they will ALWAYS run the world.


Anonymous said...

I agree with some of what you say, and I take issue with some of your other points. But you are entitled to your opinion (which is always entertaining). However, one thing you might want to take a look at are the lyrics to the song again. Each time after she growls "Hope you still like me" the next verse says only "Maybe". While in regular English, this doesn't make much sense, in bubble-gum Pop, it's like saying "Whatever!". After asking some little girls why they liked the song, I have to say it made me look at it differently. These young ladies said to me that the song inspired them. The song says to them that they can do and be whatever they want. That's a powerful message, no matter who spins the record.

Rebel Flower said...

Well if this song inspires little girls to believe they can do whatever they want, they we are in sorry shape as a gender. This song while not as insipid as any of the garbage that billy goat Rihanna comes out with, is idiotic. As I stated, serious "Women" that rule the world are who we women have to and must look up to for inspiration. Beyonce has consistently depended on men to further her career and now that she has allegedly managed herself, her sales have tanked and her album leaked 3 weeks early. So, these girls who are inspired by her, aren't really using their brains, just like their inspiration.

dona munoz said...

Thank you for this one! I don't care what no one says, you speak the truth on a lot of things. Keep it up!