Thursday, June 16, 2011

Democrats Can Taste the Rainbow

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That is our American political system.

Both Republicans and Democrats have bemoaned farm subsidies as the worst thing next to Satan as far as the budget deficit is concerned. They have vowed to cut these subsidies in an attempt to trim the fat and provide millions in so called savings for the next ten years. However, the GOP decided to cut food aid for low income women and children instead. That's right folks, the Republicans decimated WIC to dust instead of cutting useless subsidies to rich farmers. Stopping people from buying off brand cheese, milk and Juicy juice, is more important than ending support for a corrupt system of corporate welfare. We all know that giving poor people money will aid the economy better than giving tax cuts to the so called job creators. Don't believe me? Go to the projects, you will find flat screens, Cadillacs, Coach handbags, and Direct TV satellite's. Unemployment Insurance goes directly to the economy. It pays for food, rent, you know necessities. Trust me...I have been unemployed for over a year and the "go get a job", story doesn't work when you send out thousands of resume's and hear, "You are over qualified", "we think you are going to be bored here." If the government is so serious about ending the recession they should give blacks reparations. The economy would bounce back in no time, KFC's stock would soar, Caprice's or Crown Vic's would be the #1 car, and Jordan's would be the #1 shoe. According to them, the best thing to do, is kill aid for the poor and pray for them, but give kickbacks to their rich friends and political donors and this goes for both parties. Thanks Democrats for your pathetic efforts for helping fight, more like give up and let the Republicans have their way. What the people that go to the poll never consider is that these so called law makers are all employed.

Today, the Democrats left a soldier on the battlefield with a grazed shoulder bleed to death for political expediency. No Republican, no matter the scandal, the number of little boys in the closet, dead body's, hookers, semen covered dresses would've left poured water on a drowning man. Democrat's are so fruity that I believe they can poop skittles. Where is the loyalty for one of your own? That's what Black's and Democrat's have in common. Not sticking together, stabbing each other in the back...yeah, I see it now. So, now the Weiner penis sexting "distraction" is gone and the Congress can get back to work doing what exactly? Oh that's right...NOTHING!

The rest of the civilized Western World is shaking their heads at this idiocy, but we still keep giving the chimps the keys to the cages and wonder why the zoo is out of control.


CC said...

OmG i just read this one and I'm so weak. I began to envision KFC's stock rising, only to be beat out by Church's Chicken. Well stated points that should make us consider the connection between cultural and political stations in the black community. I hope that readers of these posts are inspired to consider that and become more conscious of what is going on around us. This thing is serious, but our minds are elsewhere.

Rebel Flower said...

As long as it's understood that this is satire...