Saturday, July 2, 2011

Amber Rose, Let's Play the Blame Game

The less talent you have the more skin you show....

Looks like Amber has learned how to become famous by following in the footsteps of fellow whores who do nothing like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Rihanna, and that is leak photos or a sex tape and feign outrage. This so called model, who never seems to ever be in any fashion shows of any kind jumps from rapper to rapper and that's basically her only claim to fame. That and being bald. Amber says that the company that dropped her is not her agency, CAA, but she doesn't say what company that dropped her.

"I didn't get dropped from my agency," she tweeted. "I swear I'm on here eday shutting down rumors & the only reason I do is cuz its messing up my business." What business is that Amber? Being a prostitute will always be in fashion for you, it has been going on since biblical times, they don't call it the oldest profession for nothing. Spelling and grammer is definitely not part of your can lead a whore to water, but you can't make them think. What company dropped you? I'm sure Dereon can use a model for their hooker couture line, but Beyonce' and her mother has to be featured in every add and since you are technically lighter, that may be a fly in the proverbial ointment. How about this, if you value your career, don't take photos of yourself with your fingers shoved up your vajajay?! or, How about learn delete all. I'm no prude, but I can see what this trollop had for dinner the evening before in these photos. She will be wearing depends by the time she's 40, there will be no traction left. This is messing up her business...give me a break. She got rich being Kanye's jump off who wore nothing but body stockings with her breasts popping out on the verge of hitting the cameras while she flipped off the photographers. Without Kanye, Wiz and the other rapper's member's that she's been riding, she would've crossed the line into porn. When her so called "marriage" to Wiz who happens to look like the scarecrow from the "The Wiz", fails she probably will make some porno's and that will be sum total of her talent. Anna Nicole Smith was better than this only because she had the sense to get on that 98 year old man. Catch them when their on the way in the ground and spend, spend, spend, spend. Her career is in jeopardy?! Screwing rappers for fame points? Well, I think it's safe, I don't think there is a bottom in that bottomless pit unless Flavor Flav is single and somehow that's not even a bottom anymore. She was a stripper when she was 15 and she dated Kanye, not sure which two stellar careers would be ruined by nude photos.

This is nothing but publicity for her reality show and her stupid store called "sunglasses" which I'm guessing sells sunglasses. Such an original name by the way. She has the personality of a tossed salad, so we need to have people talk about her being naughty. She doesn't do anything except go in and out of clubs while rappers go in and out of her, so we have to drop a sex tape or leak nude photos then pretend that someone else did it and that it's some sort of surprise and that she's the victim. I'm weeping right now. Right now in hell a demon is getting it's wings from the tears I shed from this injustice.  Where is Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton on this travesty? They made that movie about that deadbeat Ghandi when there is story like this that hasn't been told. Please Amber...Somewhere there is a dude with a stomach ache and a naked photo of this trash and trust me they're related. Since when did showing cleavage become a full time career?

If it doesn't work out, the rapper jump off thing, you know being the industry whore, and the reality show because having no personality is not really entertaining, then you have a good chance to pose for Penthouse. Also, we can host the next Easter egg hunt in your hoo seems to be able to hold alot and I mean alot.

 I guess Wiz's next weed song can be titled "Mo photo's Mo problems", and when it flops, you will be on to the next rappers nots. I'm saying you a gold digger...

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