Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tea Party and the Alabama Storm of Stupidity

Elections have consequences

The Tea Party is dedicated to the destructio­n of the American way of governance­, The patriots left England to live under a different kind of government­, not no government at all. The Tea Party are just pawns in a game of control and take-over.

It should come as NO surprise that HR 2560 or the idiotic CUT, CAP AND BALANCE passed the House tonight 234-190 with a largely partisan and symbolic vote. There is no chance it will pass the Senate and if it does by some Miracle, the President "claims" he will exercise his veto pen. Since I live in Alabama, the cradle of idiocy and demagoguery, I wanted to let everyone know which member of the goon squad voted for this stupid bill. Robert Aderholt, Spencer Bachus, Jo Bonner, Mo Brooks (I'm sure he will be re-elected over and over because he is a complete moron just like Richard Shelby), Martha Roby and Mike Rogers. Of course these are all Republicans...The sole Nay was Democrat Terri Sewell. In the Senate you have Klansmen Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions who will undoubtedly vote Nay for the bill but will be shutdown because it's Democrat controlled.

 I mean for the love of God...these Republicans are that afraid of the Tea Party? Is Boehner that much of an impotent prick? Get control of your idiots! A bunch of people dressed in costumes who don't understand how to govern, that's who you are going to let dictate how to run the government. It's amazing, truly amazing. Clearly reason and common sense doesn't exist in the South, especially in the Alabama moronathon but it needs to exist in the GOP leadership or they can be more irrelevant than they already are. The usual argument about voodoo trickle down economics, or as I call it "urology" has clearly failed the Republic, if that's what you want to call this government anymore. The "job creators" aren't creating jobs in America and no matter how many tax breaks these circus clowns give them, the money will stay in the "job creators" pockets. How do I know? I have to call India or Bangladesh for tech support and to my finance company for my car, but it's supposed to be operating in Texas. We know they have been shipping jobs over seas for years... These people took a surplus from a Democratic President and squandered it away in a matter of months and not only are they concerned with deficits and spending they are protecting the job creators...this is idiocracy at it's finest. How can anyone take these people seriously? How can anyone that has been awake listen to a word these people say? Oh yeah, the Jesus thing...

The original Boston Tea Party would have been about keeping jobs in America. They would have disliked large corporatio­ns just like they wanted to be free from King George III. But I am injecting things that are found in books, which are things that people in my neck of the woods hate.

I swear I am in the twilight zone.  Boehner is so full of shite that even his eyes are brown.

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