Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why the Balance Budget Ammendment is Stupid and Will Never Happen

It appears the Republicans are losing the battle on the debt ceiling and America is one step closer to being just another dead beat debtor screening calls from it's many bill collectors. Everyone needs to experience that feeling at least once...The president has refused to make massive cuts without at least some tax increases (for the rich or fictional job creators as the GOP calls them). And Wall Street is pressuring the right-wing Republicans to increase the debt ceiling whether they get any agreement with Obama or not. Even a large part of their own party thinks it would make sense to accompany cuts with at least a small tax increase. I didn't get a degree in economics, but it is only logical to tax in order to raise revenues, and taxing so called job creators, who interestingly have created no jobs, are the people to tax.

But many of these right-wingers were nominated and elected by teabaggers, and they are terrified that giving in and raising the debt ceiling would be the end of their political career (because the same teabaggers that elected them would replace them with someone else who probably understands economic policy even less than they do, and that's a frightening prospect). What are these right-wing Republicans to do? They are stuck between the wishes of Wall Street (their contributors) and the teabaggers (their base). That's The Devil and the Super Devil...

What some of them are doing is reviving the ludicrous idea of a balanced budget amendment which sounds great for stupid people who don't know anything and who will respond positively for campaign posters and bumper stickers. Usually, passing legislation that they know will never be enacted solely to pander to their base has been the domain of the Republicans in the House. But now the Senate Republicans would like to try it out, too. Since that's a winning strategy... As such, all 41 GOP senators announced that they have signed on to Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey’s “Balanced Budget Amendment” idea, a plan to add a need for a balanced budget to the federal constitution.

They'll vote to raise the debt ceiling (they really have to eventually), but they are trying to soothe their base by pushing the idea of getting a balanced budget amendment passed. Bruce Bartlett, a policy advisor to President Reagan and Treasury official under President H.W. Bush, called the Republican plan "mind boggling in its insanity" and said this act of political posturing would be a huge mistake:

"In short, this is quite possibly the stupidest constitutional amendment I think I have ever seen. It looks like it was drafted by a couple of interns on the back of a napkin. Every senator cosponsoring this POS should be ashamed of themselves." Lol!

Here are the simple reasons why it's a stupid idea:

It will take forever to get an amendment enacted by Congress and approved by three-quarters of the states (that's the 50 STATES, THE ENTIRE 50 HAVE TO APPROVE THE AMENDMENT), if it can be done at all.

 The budget must be balanced except in times of war. So when are we not at war? We have been at war for at least a decade and we have a need to intervene in every conflict everywhere at all times. Wouldn't this so called amendment make it harder to cut taxes because it would force a tax increase...exactly...

We are running a deficit of over $1 trillion for the the foreseeable future, can't really hop on the balanced budget bandwagon if we are nowhere near a balanced budget. 

The Balanced Budget Amendment is Unenforceable legally. How will it enforce spending and tax increases? Legally, we wouldn't even know that the budget was unbalanced until the end of the fiscal year. A federal court can't force people to give back funds they have dispersed for social security, medicare, wages for government workers and goods and services. Therefore, the nonsense the Republicans are proposing is basically not happening.  

This is a brain-dead stuck on stupid, piece of political fecal matter with a side of vomit that proves that Americans are stupid. Why? These nimrods are our representatives and these are apparently the best this nation has to offer to run this anemic government. Anyone that believes that we can pay our debts based on the interest, is insane. The GOP/ baggers swore they would focus on jobs but instead we have functional retards that are distracted by shiny objects, bartering away women's rights and insuring that corporations pay no federal income taxes while the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow wider and wider.

You gotta wonder about these “Republicans” who dismantled PAYGO and then instituted a huge new entitlement program (Medicare Part D), a huge new cabinet-level department (Homeland Security) and started a pointless war (Iraq), all without bothering to make provisions for paying for any of it, other than borrowing from the Chinese.

Saying no to PAYGO but yes to a constitutional amendment is like saying I’m starting a diet next Monday so today I’m going to eat a whole pizza followed by a tub of ice-cream. Knowing, of course, that “next Monday” is in fact a decade away, given the cumbersome nature of the amendment process.

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