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Tricky Rick Warren Throws Massive Weight on Debt Ceiling Debate

The middle letter of sin is 'I.

Tricky Ricky Warren, is the founder and senior pastor of the Saddleback Church, a bigot, an anti-Semite, a holder of bizarre sexual theories, a non-believer in science, a moral degenerate, a thug, an embarrassment to his religion, a liar, a huckster, a glutton, a goatee wearer, and more importantly a dick.

Tricky Ricky Warren's influence, and thus his bigotry, has metastasized all over the country and the world through the sale of his best-selling books The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life. Because of this, he has sometimes been called "America's pastor," which he is, to the extent that Americans are bigoted, lying, anti-Semitic, anti-science, gluttonous hate-mongers. For the increasing number of Americans who don't fall into that category, however, not so much.

In the past, Warren's spiritual heirs were more honest about their hatred of the Jews, the blacks and the gays. They made an alliance with the Republican party that was called "The Southern Strategy." The GOP ran the logistics, and the evangelicals whipped up the bigotry. It was very successful for almost 40 years.

But because of a few do-gooders and the evils of "political correctness," open bigotry gradually became unfashionable, confined mostly to white southern males, Fox News and your grandfather. If bigotry was going to have a future in the mainstream of politics, bigotry was going to have to be re branded. Enter Rick Warren, and the Purpose for which is life is Driven.

Warren saved bigotry's place in the mainstream by coming up with the idea to repackage it inside a "concern" for poverty and aids. If you didn't know that Warren "cares" about poverty and aids, this means you've never heard him speak, because there is nothing he likes to do more than tell you about his "concern" for poverty and aids. In any case, now you've been told: Rick Warren is a guy who really really "cares" about poverty. And aids. Seriously. He even talks about them! (Though not quick as much as he talks about the fact that he talks about them.)

What's that over there sneaking in the back door? Bigotry? Don't pay any attention to that! Look over here, at Pastor Rick's "concern" about poverty and aids.

There are some who are puzzled by this because, according to their reading of the New Testament, such concern should be taken as a given. Those people, however, simply don't know the Word Of God like Pastor Rick, who knows from his close reading of the text and his close relationship with Jesus, with whom he has "been a friend...for now over 40 years," that vanity and narcissism and bragging and preening and congratulating oneself about one's "concern" for the poor is at the heart of the teachings of Jesus.

Through the Christ-like genius of Pastor Rick, the poor and those with aids were finally able to make themselves useful for something: making bigotry taste a little bit sweeter. The plan was stunningly successful. Of course, that the media would be eager to continue the place of right-wing evangelical bigots at the table is not surprising. It is, after all, an institution that still employs David Broder and Cokie Roberts and Bill Kristol. With new scholars Michelle Bachmann, Herman "Uncle Ruckus" Cain, Rick Perry, Lonesome Roads Beck, and the entire evening anchor talking heads at Fox.
Warren's re branding of redneck bigotry was so successful that he hosted a presidential debate called the The Ruse to Lure Yet Another Gullible Democrat Into Legitimizing Bigots Who Will Never Vote For Him Civil Forum on The Presidency.

Tricky Ricky tweeted, then deleted, a jab at those who want to increase the debt ceiling, reports Newport Beach Patch.

"HALF of America pays NO taxes. Zero. So they're happy for tax rates to be raised on the other half that DOES pay taxes," Warren tweeted yesterday, presumably in response to President Obama's Monday speech on the debt ceiling. He later deleted the tweet after the outcry on Wonkette and Politico, and seemed to apologize for the comment to twitter user @karoli with this tweet: "@Karoli You are 100% right! It did sound mean." No...It sounded stupid, just like 99.9% of everything that you say.

Of course, it isn't true that poorer Americans pay "zero" taxes. While 47% of the population owed no income tax for 2009, these Americans still do pay payroll, sales, state, and local taxes. Many lower income families' tax burdens are reduced because of the Earned Income Tax Credit, a benefit awarded to people in lower tax brackets.

It's interesting how the rich or the job creators continue to complain about the poor, considering the poor made them rich. Tricky Ricky is speaking from the half of the population that doesn't pay taxes because he is a so called pastor and Mega churches don't pay taxes. A person that pays no taxes should really keep their fat bigoted mouth closed at the risk of losing said tax exemption. I think the era of religious institutions being exempt from taxes needs to end, especially when they seem to be advocating against the poor, the infirm, and the least of us. The very reason they get these tax breaks is so they can help these people, so if they are no longer serving the poor then their tax exempt status should be revoked. If a pastor runs their mouth about political matters, tax exemption should stop instantly, because separation of church and state has been breeched.

 I was unaware that 47% of Americans are religious institutions that sell snake oil to the masses with an ever expanding ego and waistline. He has a church called Saddleback Ranch, yet he has some of the most idiotic statements that this clown has made, has to do with gays. Irony? He doesn't like gays and compares homosexuality to incest, although, anyone with that haircut is right up on my gaydar. If you are gay, you can't be a member of his gay sounding named church: "Because membership in a church is an outgrowth of accepting the Lordship and leadership of Jesus in one's life, someone unwilling to repent of their homosexual lifestyle would not be accepted as a member at Saddleback Church." And miss that revenue from the tithes that you are so pissed that people aren't paying taxes on? But to prove his hypocrisy, homosexuality isn't the worse sin he says this: "I'm no homophobic guy," and that "in the hierarchy of evil...homosexuality is not the worst sin." Really?! I thought it was an most churches if you sneeze on an ant, that's an immortal sin, but homosexuality isn't the worst? You know why it isn't the worst? You are GAY!

If this is God's marketing department, it needs to be revamped big time. It seems Satan has all the smart people and God has the lock on the short bus scholars.The people that use religion as a trademark are even condemned by their peers. The societal exodus from religion/g­od is not a result of a moral bankruptcy! It's a shame in a label. Spirituali­ty/ ideolog­y recedes to where it should be...the individual­. Defending, or critiquing­ not aimed at the label; the evaluation is simply based on the degree of difference in the evaluator to the subject.

 Politics = controversy. Religion = controvers­ey. Politics/R­eligion together = The separation is what should separate this country (USA) from the other "troubled" world government­al entities. Those who abuse it should be jailed or fined, preferably embarrassed for being the jackasses and crooks they are. Simple as that. (the southern pastor's are the greatest offenders)

When will people wise up, and understand religion is simply a subjective moral code, not a pattern or organizati­onal chart for society control. Fear is fear....fe­ar controls..­..religion = fear.

A man preaching fear is either a Minister/P­astor/Reve­rend/Pries­t/Bishop or a Dictator.

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