Friday, July 15, 2011

Watch The Throne- Worst of Both Worlds

Clean the Throne with Mr. Clean
Kanye and Jigga...two abusive boyfriends that the hip hop world just can't seem to beak up with cleanly. How much garbage can we take at the camel lips of Jay-Z or at the hand of his management of Roc Nation? He's responsible for Rihanna, for that alone he deserves the death penalty. What words can I use to describe Jay-Z's rapping? Apocalyptic? Abysmal? Tragic? Weak? Commercial? Non sensical? Retirement needed? Hearing yet another album of Jay-Z telling us that he is rich and that he is the greatest to some of the lamest beats known to man is something I will pass on. Oh, but Kanye will be involved, so the beats will be better, but it will be double the narccissm and double the douchebaggery and half the actual "rapping". Let's not forget to throw in Jiggas trademark "uh uh uh" and New York references. Please...
Here is a line from Kanye:

And if life a bitch, bet she suck my dick, huh?

And I bet she fuck the whole clique, huh?
By the way, nigga, you should fuckin’ quit, nigga
Just forget, you talk it, I live it

Yeah...ok. Kanye...that takes a lot of skill and talent to pen those words. I think I have heard something like this before on Graduation, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, pretty much everything you write, you unoriginal ass clown. Stick to what you know, dating bald blond dikes, and using auto-tune and convincing the world that you are a genius. You never fooled me. In comparison to everyone else in the industry, you are, but in actuality, Ye, you are a joke who got lucky and everyone kisses your ass because you haven't fallen off yet. You are only as good as your last album. When you flop, you are out, no matter how many diamonds you shove in your mouth.
Here is Joe Camel giving us his lame contribution:

Niggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily

Like these rappers rap about all that shit that I do really
I’m like, “Really, half a billi? Nigga, really you got baby money”
Keep it real wit’ niggas, niggas ain’t got my lady money

And there is Jigga with his "I got a billion dollars" and now he is boasting about Beyowulf having money. The silly fools called fans, keep pumping money into the Camel and Lion King's Beyonce coffers...
He has been doing this crap since the first Blue Print! Tai Boe Hoe...Why in god's name do we need a collaboration between the two most overrated rappers/ divas, and I used the term loosely to describe them? The only thing people fantasize about Joe Camels life, is being between Beyonce's leg's and ruling the world. We know about you being a mogul and that you are the greatest of all time. WE KNOW! How about you stop free styling your lyrics? Everything doesn't have to have "nigga" in the line or "billi". Just stop. If I looked like Joe Camel...well, I guess I would talk about my money too.

I am no fan of neither artist and I particularly hate Jay-Z because it's time to throw in the chips and step down. You need to Watch the Throne, you certainly aren't qualified to sit on it, other than the poop shoot. It's rap by the numbers, and a boring  rehash of everything that's bad about hip-hop: recycled lyrics, the same preproduced beats and the obligatory references to Cristal (no, those niggas racist), Money and the irresistible pull of the female anatomy. None of his material has any substance, there is nothing left to "rap" about. Really, there should be an over the hill rapper mentorship program and you should be the president. This bloated over hyped piece of commercial phuckery will be just another way to squeeze money out of Jay-Z (why there are still those) and Kanye fans. It will be lot's of testosterone laden penis measuring pissing contests with braggadocio with samples from movies or TV shows that will not fit with the song or make any sense. Yet, it will be brilliant or worse, provacative! I say total garbage. This album will go platinum with been there done that material of two jackasses who want to be The Godfather and James Bond.

Remember Jay-Z and R. Kelly's collaboration? Need I say more?

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