Thursday, July 14, 2011

Glenn Beck's Even Dumber Replacement

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Stupidity Alert: F---------

"The Five brings together an eclectic group of FOX talent whose knowledge of key issues and unique insights will undoubtedl­y make for a dynamic program." (Well, this can be considered a unique insight, if by that you mean, completely inaccurate and just plain stupid, which for Fox viewers will translate into a smashing success).

This gets a sphincter factor of 5 and I've rolled my eyes so hard hearing this, I'm afraid they will get stuck again. If he was being sarcastic that's fine, if he was being serious, then man...he needs prayer, serious under the altar prayer. Fox News host Eric Bolling pulled a Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday, asserting that there were no terrorist attacks on "American soil" during President Bush's term in office. Technically he's right...flying a plane into a skyscraper isn't an attack on American soil, it was an attack on American buildings and American air.

Giuliani famously made a similar assertion in early 2010, saying, "we had no domestic attacks under Bush." Of course, the 9/11 attacks didn't happen under Bush. ( were Mayor in New York during 9/11! You were there, I saw you on TV walking down the street with a mask on. Unlike you, I remember the year and actual day that the tragedy happened. It was on a Tuesday while I was in college. Bush, the worst President of anything in history, was at a school reading a book to a bunch of black kids to show that he doesn't hate black people, and most people were still pissed about his coronation by the Supreme Court. See how easy that is? This was your platform when you ran for President, you know, AMERICA'S GOVERNOR!) We will never forget? None of this rings a bell huh?

Bolling's misstatement came during a discussion on the network's Glenn Beck replacement show, "The Five." He and a panel—which included former Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino (the blond bobble head that knew nothing about the Cuban Missile Crisis)—were arguing about whether Bush had been guilty of "fear-mongering" during his tenure. Panelist Bob Beckel said that the former president had used fear-mongering around the non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. As he attempted to continue his point, Bolling cut him off and started to move on to the next segment. (a wise choice).

"America was certainly safe between 2000 and 2008," he said. "I don't remember any attacks on American soil during that period of time." Nobody on the panel challenged this comment.
 Let me repeat: NO ONE ON THE PANEL CHALLENGED THIS COMMENT. Are you kidding me? Is this a comedy a comedy show or a circus? This was on Fox News. This is the channel that criticizes people for not wearing an American flag lapel pen. They made their fortune out of bastardizing the memory and politicizing 9/11. Did you miss the 2001 part? Bush was elected crowned in 2000. So, exactly how did we get this "no attacks in the last decade", when we relive 9/11 every September for the entire month of September? Our entire foreign policy is based on 9/11. Did you forget who was in the White House during that time? Curious George! That was arguably when he performed at his best, yet he mis managed the Intel by not following up on reports and plans by the FBI and the CIA, which caused the incident in the first place. It's almost like incompetence is a required skill to work at Fox News along with being morally bankrupt. I mean I need to check Wikipedia to see if someone altered 9/11 to make it happen other than on the Duke of Hazard's stolen first term. If Fox had to offer retractions or corrections on their shows, would there be time left for commercials? It's a simple mistake really 9-11-2001, that's a lot of numbers and let's face it, math is hard.

Anyone that watches Fox and takes anything they say seriously outside of the Family Guy and American Dad, should seriously have their head examined because you are without a doubt the most uniformed of any news consumers. It's not just me saying that, check out The University of Maryland study, called "Misinform­ation and the 2010 Election". Yeah, I'm looking down on you, and calling you stupid if you watch Fox. You watch Fox, listen to Rupert Murdoch's minions and you go to the polls and vote against your interests, what have you achieved?  A bunch of idiots that have no experience who think the sun revolves around the earth, humans and dinosaurs co-existed and that homosexuality can be prayed away. You wanted change but you voted in status quo. This debt ceiling crap is the Democrat's fault, but it's also the so called "we the people" who don't understand anything about the legislative process, job creation, accounting, business, anything but religion, conspiracy theories and guns. All I will say is: Christine "I am not a witch" O'Donnell and Sharon "2nd ammendment remedies" Angle. These are the clowns that used religion to convince the simple minded sheep of this country to go out and vote for them and they were woefully unprepared. Matter of fact, they represent two of the four horsemen in the book of revelation.

Typical Fox Idiocy: All Lies all the time and now they are full on amnesiac. Nothing bad happened under George Bush, neither did the holocaust, neither did the moon landing...Yup got it.

This is Douchebaggery at it's stupid finest and it mixes well with tea.

We have now entered into the FACT FREE ZONE!

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