Monday, August 1, 2011

Obama - The Greatest Republican President in History

Republican in Liberal's Clothing

President Obama surrenders again...I swear...If we are going to have Republican policies we might as well have a Republican President to blame when they go wrong. Once again the President that so many worked so hard to get elected has turned his back on the supporters and rolled over like a cheap harlot.

Congressional leaders and President Obama on Sunday night announced they've cut a deal to avert a historic U.S. default, saying they have assembled a framework that cuts some spending immediately and uses a "super Congress" to slash more in the future. Great a Super Congress, does that also mean Super Dysfunction? That's fantastic...Democrats have been consistent, cave, cave, cave.

The deal calls for a first round of cuts that would total $917 billion over 10 years and allows the president to hike the debt cap -- now at $14.3 trillion -- by $900 billion, according to a presentation that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the worlds saddest tangerine, made to his members. Democrats reported those first cuts at a figure closer to $1 trillion. It was unclear Sunday night why those two estimates varied. I don't know what I am going to eat tomorrow, much less over 10 years, I guarantee this is going to be a disaster of our own making, just like this fake debt crisis.

The next round of $1.5 trillion in cuts would be decided by a committee of 12 lawmakers evenly divided between the two parties and two chambers. This so-called super Congress would have to present its cuts by Thanksgiving, and the rest of Congress could not amend or filibuster the recommendations. Really?! So this two party, divided government has been working swimmingly, and we want to make this part of the process? Let's just play Russian Roulette, it would be quicker, neater and more enjoyable than a repeat of this phony debt crisis.

But if the super Congress somehow failed to enact savings, (and we know it will), the measure requires automatic cuts worth at least $1.2 trillion. Those cuts would be split equally between military and domestic programs. Social Security, Medicaid and programs for the poor would be spared, but Medicare providers -- not beneficiaries -- would take a hit. When providers get charged money, they pass the burden on to whom? The beneficiaries! Yes...this is the dumbest crap I have ever heard and it will be a disaster of epic proportions. We know good and well, that these pandering monkey's in both the house and the congress can't agree on anything other than each party's mascot should be Satan.  But what was accomplished? tax cuts (that never created jobs and were made - and extended - during times of war, an

Here's the best part: White House officials confirmed that there would not be an extension of unemployment benefits as part of the final package. The administration had insisted that an extension be part of the grand bargain it was negotiating with Boehner. But when those discussions fell apart, so too did efforts to ensure that unemployment insurance was part of a final package. The worst recession since the Great Depression, no jobs from the "job creators", unless you want to relocate to India, and our Republican President isn't willing to fight for unemployment insurance, but tax cuts for the wealthy is fine. This is all cuts and no revenues, the opposite of the dueling speeches that was given last week. When did the Power of the President become diminished to the line of "call your congressman?" When did the number 3 guy become more powerful than the number 1 guy?   I sit here and I wonder if better things are coming down the road. I'm looking for that moment of victory that is supposed to come after years of hardship. I'm waiting for that revelation that good things do come, that there is a master plan....

....and I keep getting more and more disappoint­ed. It's beginning to hurt. This system is designed to keep the bad guys winning over and over again. This was planned from the beginning, this was the Republican's/ Obama's master plan. They know how to work the system. We've lost.           

"Super Congress" seems eyebrow-ra­ising, to say the very least. But whatever. Maybe the 'reset' button will be pressed and a new way of doing things will come about. Whether it's slave labor for everybody or something else, I am no mind-reade­r, I have no clue. But, status quo and the current situation prevailing since the here and now is not a fiction, people are upset, worried, suspicious­, and/or whatever else for very good reasons. Except certain factions, but they will eventually realize that what they are wishing for may not be coming in the way they want it. Again, mind reader I am not. But then, some of those were the same types telling government to stay out of medicare when, duh, medicare is a government program...

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