Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soulja Boy Apologizes For Offending the Army

How ironic that his name is "Soulja Boy" and he has a rap lyric stating  "F**k the FBI and the army troops ... fighting for what? Be your own man ..."

Then the wordsmith/ Homothug claimed that his words got the best of him...this from the self proclaimed greatest rapper of our time. No, you did what shock-valu­e punks like you do, and got bad press for doing it, now you're backpedali­ng in the hopes that you won't be the next Kanye West. But, never forget, Kanye still makes better music than you, no matter what boorish things he says. No...you are better than Kanye and you deserved to get a Grammy over him for "Superman that Hoe".  Yes, that was such a classic, that will go down in history and will tie with Thriller for profound music. You always say your're sorry when the heat comes, but you are just sorry, just like that garbage you vomit out and call music. Now rhyme that.

This clown that gave a shout out to the slave owners so we could "get this ice" wonders what the military is fighting for? Maybe we don't always agree with the need to go to war, but the armed forces protect our way of life, right or wrong. They let ignorant porch monkey's that have no home training that shoot off at the mouth continue to do so. Does that answer your question you waste of space? This is a prime example of niggas who don't need money, who have too much money. How can a total phoney that wears chains, bubble paint, uses an alias, hops on stage that is if anyone goes to his coon shows, makes youtube videos, decided to tattoo his entire body like EVERY OTHER RAPPER, tell the military service men to be themselves? I mean are you kidding me? What a trail blazer. I'm all for free speech but when people say certain things or do certain actions they should be offered a one way ticket to the country of their choice and have their citizenshi­p revoked.

Now if he was  saying F- the institutio­ns that perpetrate these wars, and people who start the wars but never have any intention of going off to fight in them, or send their own offspring to fight in them, that's one thing, but somehow, I doubt that critical thinking is his strong point. They don't belong in a Soulja Boy "song". His bars aren't up high enough for those type of statements. Remember, he rhymes go with go.

Deandre...you aren't Kanye. You can't play the asshole martyr, it's just not going to happen for you. Give it up. The difference between you and Kanye, is that Kanye's music is actually playable and doesn't cause mass suicide. Kanye's music goes Platinum, yours just sit in the store. Kanye smashes whores, you are on youtube with other homothug talking about go cart races and how you are the worst thing that has ever happened to rap. 808 and Heartbreaks, arguably Kanye's worst, all auto-tune album is better than anything that you have ever put out, will ever put out, and you will be broke within 5 years. No one plays your music and no one likes you. People says, "Kanye's an ass, but he makes good music." When it comes to Soulja Boy, after the side splitting laughter, there is anger about what you have done to dumb down the hip hop genre. You are a joke, you are the equivalent of Katy Perry, Rihanna and any other studio artist. Pure trash.

He needs to apologize not just for making moronic statements, but he needs to apologize to the world at large for releasing the most painful inconsequential nonsense ever released.

"I am deeply sorry that I started getting bad press about a song that I was too dumb to figure out would get me bad press, and that my publicist is making me come and apologize for." - Soulja Boy 

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