Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GOP Candidates Bring About the Intended Apocalypse

Four Horsemen: Palin, Cain, Bachmann, and Perry
With the economy in a slump and unemployment almost at 10%, the GOP field of scholars are focusing on what the country cares about most: ABORTION. Category 5 Moron Michelle Bachmann stated that she would create a constitutional crisis over the issue of abortion rights. During a Republican presidential primary forum designed to test the candidates' conservative bona fides, Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, said that if he were elected president, he wouldn't enter a showdown with the Supreme Court -- which ruled in 1973 that abortion is allowed under the constitution -- by passing a bill through Congress to make abortion illegal. Bachmann said she would.

"If the Supreme Court, by a plurality of the justices, may impose their own personal morality on the rest of the nation, then we are quite literally being ruled by those individuals as opposed to giving our consent to the people's representatives," Bachmann said.

Pressed whether she would be prepared for "a confrontation" with the court, Bachmann said: "Most assuredly." The 14th amendment insists that no state "shall deprive any person of life ... without due process"; section five adds -- critically, in the eyes of anti-abortion scholars -- that "Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article."

 Roe v. Wade decision was called "usurpative," and compared it to the court's "Dred Scott" decision, which ruled that black slaves in the U.S. were not protected by the Constitution and could not be citizens, that the Congress could not prohibit slavery in U.S. territories, and that slaves could not be taken away from their owners without due process for the owner.

Gingrich agreed enthusiastically  that the Supreme Court should be confronted and constrained by the legislative branch.
"Congress should begin a systematic process, one part of which is to eliminate the right of the courts to review certain things," Gingrich said. "I respect the independence of the judiciary in judging individual cases, unless the person doing the judging proves to be so extraordinarily out of the context of American life and American law that they shouldn't be there."

Bachmann, for her part, spoke of the Constitution almost as if it were a divinely inspired document, at one point calling it "sacred."

Really guys?! So, we are against the Supreme Court imposing their own personal morality on the nation it's just fine to impose OUR own personal morality on the nation? Wow.  We learned about the 3 branches of government in 6th grade and the checks and balances put in place to prevent the very thing that these yahoo's are talking about. Maybe, just maybe this is why the Supreme Court Justices are appointed and why they aren't and don't answer to politicians, otherwise Roe V. Wade would've been overturned with Rehnquist, Thomas, Scalia, and Alito...Bush appointed the most conservative court and you know what happened? NOTHING! This is a settled legal issue. Bachmann from her correspondence course law school should know that. Republican­s believe in smaller government­. They want out of your lives, except when it come to sex, reproducti­on, marriage, health, morals, and religion. I'm sure I forgot a few things, but I have to shut my brain off to remember what other things they want.

Roe V. Wade is about a woman's right to privacy not a woman's right to abortion, every moron that went to law school knows that. Bachmann’s views on abortion are religious dogma and have nothing to do with the law, medicine, patient safety or the Constituti­onal right to privacy. America is is not a religious theocracy, at least not yet. A president has no authority to harass the judicial branch to force them to rule on cases they deem valid. If the president did so, articles of impeachmentwould and should immediately be drafted. This is judicial and political activism at it's worst. It's interesting how people that claim the constitution is so sacred are hell bent on either ammending it or out right destroying it.

Bachmann and Gingrich are letting us all know they are in favor of a theocratic dictatorship, so long as they are the dictator, but they are so stupid, they let us know up front what they are attempting. Gingrich was Speaker of the House and was instrumental in impeaching Clinton, so he should know what can and can't be done legislatively. Can he be this cynical that he would say something this stupid and illegal just to try and get votes? The GOP field is like going down a cliff in a brand new Ferrari, but voluntarily to dull the pain. How about we just dispense with the judicial branch altogether­. Bachmann can decide all constituti­onal issues, answering only to herself, her imaginary friend and her closeted husband.  

No sane person would trust Bachmann with a spot at the table during a game of Stratego.  She needs to get a grip with reality and she needs it quick. Her supporters need to take up a collection for to have a brain scan done, but that scan would last all of 5 min. How can a tax attorney have NO grasp on the US Constitution, when that is a test subject on the bar exam, and she deals with this in her everyday job? So, the Supreme Court imposes its own personal morality on the rest of the nation when it makes a decision? From Roe v. Wade to Brown v. the Board of Education to Marbury v. Madison to Miranda v. Arizona, the great history of Supreme Court decisions boils down to a question of some nebulous imposition of personal morality? Good lord, this woman is truly truly frightenin­g. To belittle the Supreme Court this way isn't just ignorant..­..it's unpatriotic­. It flies in the face of the bedrock tenets that founded this nation. The fact that she is a major contender for President is a sad sad statement on the state of our country.  

Hopefully this time year, Bachmann will be doing nothing but Disney World Commercials, because she shouldn't be doing anything else.

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