Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alabama Suffers from Homophobia


In addition to gross stupidity...

The Southern Poverty Law Center this evening praised Hoover High School officials for reversing a decision to ban a 15-year-old girl from wearing a T-shirt expressing acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. Technically she was embracing the Bill of Rights and her First Ammendment Right to Free Speech. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the sacred cows that the Tea Baggers pretend to love but actually have no knowledge of.

The Montgomery-based organization this morning sent a letter to Hoover school officials, warning it would file a federal lawsuit if the ban against the shirt were not lifted by Sept. 12.

"We are incredibly happy that the officials at Hoover High School acted so quickly to restore the rights of this brave student," said Sam Wolfe, staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center. "However, while the outcome is a good one, it is unfortunate that this fundamental right was denied in the first place." Translation: These rednecks were going to get sued, and lose, they had no leg to stand on, they know it. Save face and the tax payers money, and drop the issue now.
Hoover school officials this afterntoon issued a statement, saying the T-shirt in question -- which said "gay? fine by me." -- "has not caused a substantial disruption and the student will be allowed to wear it."
However, school officials maintained that "students at Hoover High School exercise their First Amendment rights without restriction unless such expression disrupts the learning environment or disabuses the rights of others."
The 15-year-old girl who took her complaint to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Sara Couvillon, said in the statement issued by the center this afternoon that she's very relieved and feels this is a major victory for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Alabama.

"This was not just about me -- it was about encouraging people to be brave in standing up for themselves and standing up for their rights," Couvillon said in the statement. 

How about it's the LAW!!!!!!!!!
I mean really guys?! What year is this? Who was offended by this shirt? The students or the teachers? The Judeo Christian Churches are brainwashing institutions. If a member of the God Squad wanted to wear a WWJD bracelet or some other Christian propaganda, no one would have a problem and they would be applauded for standing up for their Christian principles. Why? Because in the Bible Belt, that's the majority view and it doesn't need protection. These simpleminded bigots that only see the world in only one way perceive the shirt and the ACLU as being disruptive, not their arcane 19th Century point of view. Maybe they should pass out shirts that say, "I'm Stupid, Hate Rocks!", "Kill Everything that I Don't Like!" How do they have time enough to list the things and the people to discriminate against anymore? It's only come as you are when it's time for the collection plate to be passed, right?

 IT'S A T-SHIRT! I can guarantee you, that the kids didn't care and it's the adults who behaved shamefully, as they always do in these cases. The kids at Hoover, if asked their opinion, would think it is a big joke, they are more concerned about the ball game against Spain Park and could care less what is on a t shirt. In many ways, they are more enlightened and tolerant that their adult counterparts.

For all the small minded bigots that use God and scriptures to support your prejudice and lack of intellect, you are from the same bad gene pool that didn't believe in women's rights and who probably thought slavery was just "trouble ahead". But I bet people in the south still think AIDS is a gay disease and have never heard of condoms other than using them as water balloons. 

You are brainwashed pawn in the Church. A church created by man, not God. You believe blindly in a Bible written by men. You believe in fairy tales that were written by men in power thousands of years ago to keep peasants from revolting.

Remember Santa Claus? It's the same tactic. If you are nice, you get presents, but if you are naughty, you get nothing, remember? But every year, you still got those presents didn't you? The answer is yes, you did, because Santa Claus is a fictional character perpetrated by parents to encourage their children to behave in fear of retribution of the consequences if they don't.

Sound familiar? That's because God is the Santa Claus for adults. It's what the people in power want you to believe so that you will be afraid to be bad. Because this time, rather than not getting presents, you'll go to hell.

The Bible exists to make people behave as the authors and current clergy/preachers want them to behave. It is a work of supernatural fiction, but you are brainwashed to the point that you blindly believe all these fairy tales.

Here is my account, but you think that's absolutely absurd. Instead, you choose to believe that a man died, but resurrected, flew up into the sky, turned water into wine, fed thousands of people with a loaf of bread, walked on water, parted the seas, and never once sinned in his life? Yea... ok... this totally makes more sense than the way I said it. (sarcasm)

When we still have people that openly state that the downfall of a society is homosexuality and what they represent and not stupidity, then we have a problem. I don't fear gays and the LGBT Community, considering they are productive, hardworking and seek equality just like everyone else. Plus, most fashion designers, musicians, and entertainers are gay (without them, the world would be drab, colorless, lifeless and full of flannel shirts and denim), and please let's not forget the closeted fags and pedophiles that make up the church who condemn homosexuality (Pastor Ted, Bishop Eddie Long Stroke and all the Catholic Priests)....I digress... I fear stupidity and the idiots reproducing like a virus, outproducing the intelligent and educated at a rate that renders the population mentally retarded. Basically the South on a global scale. Imagine electing a president that is a Pro wrester/ porn star/ rapper and the highest rated program on tv is called "Ow My Balls" which is just people getting repitively hit in the nuts.

Take a strong whiff of the Tea! Gay people are afraid of heterosexual bigotry, and that's why the gay pride movements are just starting to take off. It's not that people are just now "turning gay." They have just been afraid to live how they want to live because of you hate mongerers, and they have been living in secret. You don't have to be ridiculed and spat on by gay people for being straight, but that's what gay people have to face from straight people. This is why their viewpoint needs protection from majority oppression. It's not about recruiting or any other insanely stupid thing you have imagined from sniffing the fumes from the farm while skinning the possums and screwing the kin folk. Gay people aren't trying to turn straight people gay. They are trying to encourage gay people to not hide anymore and be afraid to be gay because of trailer-trash rednecks.

This is the essence of the Bill of Rights and every one of you is taking a dump right on the Constitution that you profess to love so much but are apparently so stupid to understand. Since when did "freedom" turn into "freedom so long as you agree with white, straight, southern Christians?" Pure, unwarranted intolerance and bigotry. You are laughing at gay people, but the rest of the nation is laughing at Alabama, as usual...

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