Friday, January 27, 2012

Rihanna Get's Stupid "Thug Life" Tattoo

Nappy Headed Hoe

This year I promised that I would leave this marginally talented five headed model alone and stop pointing out the obvious gimmickry, until she did this...

The voice of hell decided while vacationing that vocal lessons wouldn't be beneficial (that sounds almost laughable after the jingle bell ball)....she decided to pay homage to Tupac by getting a tacky, stupid "thug life" tattoo across her knuckles. If Tupac isn't alive, then he needs to find her and knock her upside her enormous bulbous head. She's used to either hands or other body parts hitting her in the face... If Pac is dead, then he has spun a place so deep in hell that he thinks he in Rihanna's seat at Satan's right hand. Even up close one cannot distinguish the tattoo from good old fashioned "ashy hand syndrome", or a certain other bodily fluid that Rihanna's is used to getting her hands on. Who wrote those letters, photo boy or superfish because they are not cute and the tattoo artist should be fired for his piss poor workmanship.

Someone tell me what about her life is "thug" or when she became a hardcore rapper for that matter. Maybe because her fivehead is doing a strategic attack on the rest of her head, then that can be considered thuggish. Just because you bleat unintelligible lyrics on a rappers song doesn't make you a rapper by proxy. What's gangster about showing your butt all over the place, lipsynching badly to badly written songs? If she thinks her career is anything like Tupac's career then she truly has had a mental breakdown and needs a long rest to get her grip back on reality. Let's compare: Pac wrote his own songs which actually told a story that did more than glorify gangsta-ism,  her so called songs just  say lick this or suck that. Apparently, Ms. Fenty in her zeal missed the message that Tupac was trying to tell his fans and is obviously delusional and hearing voices like fellow blow up doll Nicki Minaj as evidenced by her nonsensical tweet: "All these b*tches screaming that 2pac back #THUGLIFE".

They have medication and therapy for that Rih Rih...

The worst album of Pac's which was probably one of the one's that was produced by Eminem still outsold any of Rihanna's nursery rhymes. Oh yeah, Pac actually got shot like 5 times and lived a dirt thuggish life which is why his songs resonated and still are played today. The only thing that Rihanna has done is proven that she can take a punch and she has played victim for 3 years in order to increase her single sales. Nothing thuggish about that. Tupac also was trying to tell us to do better, go to school, get an education and not live a life of violence because you will suffer a set of consequences, namely a violent death on a side on the road... No one will play "umbrella" in 10 years, no one plays it now. Plus, Pac had "Thug Life" proudly emblazoned on his chest, outlined in black, what's gangster about pepto bismol pink? This is a former beauty queen, what's street about that? A 6th grader, a person of her typical fan base, could take her, hell, a brain dead 6th grader with scoliosis and sporting a retainer could take her. She has as much street cred as Puffy or Jennifer Lopez. At least they stay in their lanes and they don't try so hard to try and be cool or original. Yeah...a copy of a tattoo from someone famous, how original Rih Rih. Having tattoos in general in order to be different is in and of itself not original.

This inductee in the whore hall of fame or future contestant for Season 4 of Flavor of Love,  is trying to prove once again that she is "Hard" and that this is some type of female empowerment in the laziest way. Chicks can wear hot pants, get drunk, smoke weed, roll around in the mud, but buy and shoot guns, then want to be taken seriously by saying lines like "having sex in the air and loving the smell of it, sticks and stones may break her bones, but whips and chains excite her." The craziest part of this picture other than the nappy, thirsty hair and crusty looking tattoo, is that the retard is sporting a "Thug Life" tatt and is wearing a John Lennon t-shirt, not that she knows who he is or much of anything for that matter. A man that advocated for peace to the point that it destroyed the Beatles, and this trollop has the audacity to have on a Lennon shirt. How much blasphemy can we handle in one photo? Tupac and Lenin? She may as well masturbate with a crucifix while sacrificing a live puppy on a pentagram. Wasn't she supposed to be a rock star anyway? So which is it? Pop, Rock, R&B, Reggae, now Gangsta Rap? Does she have an identity other than what someone told her what the interpretation of cool would be?

Someone send this clown a copy of Thug Life 101 or Thug Life for Dummies to teach her how to become a legitimate thug. Everything she does just reaffirms my belief that she is stupid, boring, a puppet of her label and without a leash she would be lost, as we clearly see. If twitter was around in Tupac's time, he wouldn't tweet crap like she does, bikini photos with her butt in the air, to once again distract us from that tortured goat being impaled with a white hot poker. Her label should be commended for literally turning water into wine with Rihanna. People say Miracle's can't happen, Rihanna's 6 year reign of terror is proof that Miracle's do in fact happen.

Rihanna is a twitter thug,  a digital bully to 12 year olds who still have "hello kitty" on their wall, who thinks it's cute to curse online,  wear glow in the dark shoes and call themselves the "Navy".  But a thug in real life...a hot pink hell to the no. This is a thug life bunny rabbit or goat who still can't sing or dance.

Whitney Houston 2.0, minus the singing ability

She's still high just like the fans of her music. Looks like someone sank her Battleship...


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Damn, bro!

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Damn rihanna 2pac I don't think so he has been educated all his life man he mother give him that by telling him to read the newspapers everyday so he can get something in he's head feeding he's mine this b***sh has nothing in her brain maybe chris brown should put his dick down throat and into her open space that she calls a brain