Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston: Fame's Latest Causualty. Time For Wendy Williams to Invent a Best Friend

Real Talent

The world has been shocked and saddened by the sudden and tragic loss of a true talent Saturday evening. Everyone from Mariah to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis has slithered out from under their prospective rocks to provide us with a "impressions of Whitney" story. Perhaps in a bid to distract the world from Maria Consuela Conchita Sangria Y Tambien Blue Ivy Carter, Wendy Williams decided to untuck her mangina and provide her delusional take on Whitney's death. What that means is the tragic tale of Whitney's drug addiction, codependency and all her other struggles were all about none other than Wendy Williams.

Wendy has made a career as a drag queen less interesting version of Robin Quivers or Howard Stern. She never met Whitney in person, but in 2003, she gave an antagonistic, accusatory and bullying interview basically provoking hot tempered Whitney to snap and unleash a chain of obscenities on air. Now, 9 years later, Wendy has a special bond with Whitney and they have so much in common. I'm not sure about that...Is Wendy even a biological woman? She is the most consistently unattractive so called celebrity I have ever seen. The weave is killing me...I hate unrealistic weave, but this Queen has taken it to another level. She loves putting people on blast by outing so called closeted gays with her signature and masculine sounding "how you doing".

It's interesting that a person has died, an entire family is devastated and she talks about her fantasy that she and Whitney would walk hand and hand as "Just say no" ambassadors to the poor kids in the hood. Is this American Psycho? Is she making up an entire scenario in her mind? I dreamed of meeting Micky Mouse, didn't mean we had a bond. The only way those two would ever hang out is if Wendy had crack or whatever expensive substance that someone of Whitney's wealth would take, because crack is cheap, and Wendy was competing in the Tranny of the year awards show. Where did this new found compassion come from? Where was it in 2003 when she was ripping into her about her album sales slumping or problems in her marriage? Now Whitney is gone and is unable to hear you, now it's time to tell the world that you in fact love and admired her. If that's love, I would hate to see hatred. I smell a ratings grab because you need to boost your numbers. Watching a fly find it's way out of a window is more intellectually fulfilling than a Wendy Williams show. Nothing that she says is remotely sincere and somehow she is the new crowned queen of the entire gay social consciousness.Whoever she slept with to get her own show must've gotten the best head of his life, with the lights off, because that's an official BMW. Body Made Wrong.

Those crocodile tears can just be dried up, because we all know that she took great pleasure in mocking Whitney and her demons, now that she's dead, she feels guilty. That skank probably cut up onions before she plopped her big butt in her special throne. She should feel guilty. People like Wendy are the reasons that celebrities become complete assholes, operate in fantasy worlds and live by their own set of rules. Her combative and confrontational demeanor is also a reason they turn to drugs and alcohol. Some people crack under the weight of fame, money, and expectations of friends, family and the fans. What can we expect from these people? We put them on a pedestal, set them up so high, they have no other place to go but down.

Wendy Williams
I have an innie and an outie

That mammoth drag queen or hermaphrodite needs to fall back and keep her thoughts and feelings to herself. She has done and said quite enough to last a lifetime. The only thing we need to hear from you is "I'm sorry". I won't hold my breath, but hopefully she will, so this low brow phuckery will end.


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