Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beyonce' Named Worlds Most Beautiful, and She's Still an Idiot

People magazine has once again given the arbitrary award of "World's Most Beautiful Woman".  By what standard I wonder...By who's, that question is not answered and no one seems to care as we get into the shilling and pimping of out of Baby Camel. She states, "I feel more beautiful than I've ever felt because I've given birth," Oh please...You haven't looked more have been walking around in jacked up pants, and wack outfits.

Super Ugly

 The superstar singer and her husband Jay-Z welcomed their daughter in January, in the quickest pregnancy known to man and Beyonce said she's "never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth... She's just the cutest thing.” What else is she supposed to say? Every parent thinks their kid is cute. I know people personally who have kids that look like something that I have scraped off  the bottom of my shoe and they think they're kid is the cutest thing. No parent says or can admit, that their beloved child looks like the elephant man. They can look like afterbirth, and they are still "cute", to their parents. If that kid truly has Sean Carter's DNA and I doubt it, that child will be unattractive and only her bank account will make her so called cute. Not even Beyonce' can filter out that much ugly.

The 30-year-old scholar also revealed that she sings unique lullabies to little Blue, and claimed to actually “love" changing diapers. Yeah...everyone loves smelling poop, especially baby poop. How about I smell poop.

 And as for which parent Blue most resembles, Bey would only say that "she looks like Blue. She's her own person." Translation: Sean's features are becoming prominent and it's too much ugly coming out earlier than predicted.
"The best thing about having a daughter is having a true legacy," she continued about her bundle of joy. "The word 'love' means something completely different now." Because, being sequestered away all her life and never experiencing anything she has no life experiences, which is apparent when she sings/ screams. So maybe that means deeper songs than being bootylicious or being a Diva. We can hope, but I doubt it. It depends on how long she has to search the Internet and how good her Internet connection is.

This my friends is all the more reason to not purchase People Magazine. A person with no personality, no ability to hold a conversation, no ability to hold an interview, no ability to write a letter, or do much of anything but scream, wear a blond weave, steal, fake smile, and get airbrushed. Does being rich make you beautiful? J.Lo somehow became the worlds most beautiful last year and this year Beyowulf finagled her way into winning. This should be called Flavor of the Month and this year it's me, it's not like they actually sent an envoy to every continent to have a beautiful woman contest judged by Tyra and the homosexuals that she fired. This was some arbitrary celebrity popularity contest. This is a complete joke, it has been shown over and over that she is mean, spiteful, greedy and selfish, sort of the antithesis of beautiful. So...this is sort of a fail. 

Hey People, why don't you actually try to look for an actual REAL PERSON that can string together two sentences, works, doesn't spend an average person's salary on hair and makeup and doesn't have photos taken that airbrush out every flaw. 

Beyonce' The most Beautiful Person in the World...Wonder what that cost her?

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