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Artur Davis, The Latest Delusional Puppet of Republican Racial Propaganda

Et Tu Brute?

Why Do I Have A High Top Fade in 2012?

Republicans on Wednesday were celebrating the defection to the GOP this week of a former Democratic congressman and close ally of President Barack Obama, saying that it underscored their argument that the president has led the country on a march to the left. How I wonder since Obama's policies are pretty much George W. Bush's minus the double negative speech, and global embarrassment.

Former Alabama congressman Artur Davis, once a rising star in the Democratic Party and the man who helped put Obama’s name in nomination for the presidency in 2008, announced his intention to switch parties and said that he will vote for Mitt Romney in November. Surprise, surprise...This man will say and do anything to try and get back into political office. It's pathetic really...

“The fact that he has the courage to analyze the problems with the current administration on the issues of unifying diverse interests in America and creating jobs tells me this is a guy with a lot of principle,” said Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell, R, who said he plans to call Davis in the next few days to welcome him to the party. Will they give him a pair of tap shoes, sheet music and a tux because he will be nothing more than a hired dancing monkey. The token black to prove once again, "Republican's aren't racists" and "Look I know black people, they come to my house."

Davis, a centrist delusionist who opposed the Democratic health-care bill, said he may run for elected office as a Republican in Virginia. (a political calculation so he wouldn't look like a "black politician")

In Virginia, Republicans saw in the black Harvard graduate an appealing potential candidate who could shake up the growing Democratic sway in northern Virginia.

“All I can say his analysis of the problems facing America are spot-on and his credentials are impeccable,” said McDonnell. “That’s a great start for being a candidate in northern Virginia or anywhere else in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Davis’s drift from the Democratic Party had been building for years, and Democrats dismissed his desertion as a tactical shift by a politician with wounded ambitions: Davis left Congress after he ran for governor of Alabama two years ago but failed to win his party’s nomination for the job. He won a whopping 38% of the vote by campaigning like he wanted to lose. His seat, the 7th Congressional District is made of predominately black counties in Alabama. All one needs to do to win is be black and human and you win that seat. He decided to run for governor right when the tea party took steam in 2010 with their ignorance and special brand of racism that has made this country grind to a halt since the Freshmen took control of Congress. Now, he also ignored all and I mean all the black Democratic leadership in the state which understandably pissed quite a few people off. Namely, the entire black electorate. I personally saw him at only one campaign function and I was with my candidate for several months for days on end. Imagine my shock when the ADC, (the Alabama Democratic Convention) sent out ballots endorsing Sparks (the white dude).

Davis vs. Sparks/Cobb by market But Davis’s political profile, his past vocal support of Obama and his pointed critique of the Democratic Party do create an opening for the GOP. Davis was the first congressman outside the president ‘s home state of Illinois to endorse Obama in 2007.

In an interview, Davis said he believes there is little tolerance in Democratic politics for “center-right” views like his own. No...he is still upset that he was soundly rejected that he ran a stupid campaign and the democrats didn't just vote for him because he's a Democrat. He just expected to be the Alabama Obama and that just because he went to Harvard and just because he is a lawyer, that somehow he would just get the black vote and all he had to worry about was the white vote. That was his calculation, and he calculated wrong. Now he is butt hurt and he want's to switch parties.

Brutus Davis says, “The conventional wisdom in this town is that the Democrats have stayed in one happily tolerant place and that Republicans have moved to the hard right,” Davis said. “I can assure you that in the Democratic Party, there is substantial intolerance for people who deviate from the party line.” Again, he deviated from the party all he can do is whine.
Former Rep. Artur Davis, with his wife Tara, concedes the Alabama Democratic gubernatorial race during a speech in Birmingham on June 1, 2010. | AP Photo
Harpo, Who Dis Woman?

What did he do as Commissioner of the 7th? Nothing. People have sent him letters stating concerns and he never so much as sent a computerized response. The bills he sponsored were about agriculture, so 10 years in Congress that's what we got, NOTHING. He supports Romney, so what? This is one loser that sought a higher office based on Obama's name and now he is pouting. Is it Obama's fault that Artur married this fake wife to use for campaign purposes that no one ever saw? Riding on the back of that pickup truck on that campaign add didn't help did it? Is it Obama's fault that Artur didn't watch the news or check the political climate and notice that, "hey dummy, the racists are out screaming about taking my country back, maybe running for governor of the most racist state in America might not happen right now." 

Let me say this to Artur, no matter what party you switch to, you will be labeled a traitor and just because bashing the President is the flavor of the month, the Republican's will entertain you. At least until he is re-elected. Virginia is still a southern state just like Alabama, and just like Alabama wasn't ready to vote for you as the First Black Governor, Virginia most certainly won't vote for a traiterous loser like you, so join the ranks with Category 5 Moron Michelle Bachmann, Sister Sarah Palin,  Herb Cain, Mittens Romney, Fat Drug Addict Titular head of the party Limbaugh, Dead Rabbit Toupe Trump, Worlds Saddest Tangerine Boehner, and tell us again how sane and moderate these people are one more time when they try to bring the President up on treason charges or claim that he was born in Kenya or worse, tie tax cuts to the raising of the debt ceiling so the country's credit rating can be down graded again. I and everyone else can see what this is, you are hurt because your precious male ego is bruised and you are seeking vengeance against the party that hurt you. Take responsibilty for the fact that you ran a piss poor campaign at the wrong time in history. Obama is the first Black President, not you, Get over it. How the hell did you make it to Harvard?

SupportersWelcome to 6th Grade!

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