Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kim Kardashian Named Hottest Woman in the World By Zoo Magazine

Get out the 40's, Jeri Curl Juice and Swisher Sweets because Zoo Magazine is interested in cows.

kim kardashian hottest woman world zoo mag

The honor of "hottest woman" was bestowed on the reality star by the magazine's readers. The 31-year-old, who is currently in London to launch her latest fragrance, appears on the cover of the magazine in nothing more than cheap looking red satin lingerie. She isn't even the hottest porn star in the world even though I haven't seen a whole lot of porn, I have seen enough to know that she isn't the hottest in the world. This caption should read: "Kim Kardashian named Sexiest Woman in the World By Zoo Animals." 

Did they bribe the chimps with a few day old bananas in the zoo to pull this achivement off? Did they survey livestock, since this is Zoo Magazine. With so many beautiful, talented, sexy women in the world  and they came up with this one...words fail me. No, they don't...So here's the ugly truth. Certain women and men of the media love her for reasons they, I and some others know. This is why she is forced down our throats everyday. Her plastic surgeon has done her: eyes, cheeks, lips, breasts, stomach, hips and butt and they know it. However, it doesn't matter because.... see the second sentence of this paragraph.

Kim Kardashian As long as they can Photoshop her pics or hide the ones that show she is obviously fake and lie, lie, lie about her, they think it's OK. How someone with a deformed, unnatural butt can be declared hot, is just amazing.

Everytime I see her picture, I wince. Did they look at a solar eclipse too long, then looked at Kim and said, "Oh yeah, she's the hottest and she's the one for the cover." Zoo needs to send out this rag by the case to everyone so they can line their bird cages, hampster cages, and other animal training spot to soak up all the animal droppings because that is the equivalent of Kim Kardashian. Great going Zoo, you just lost all credibility before anyone knew who you were with this one, so please keep me off the mailing list. 

Heifer Cat
A zoo is where she should be locked up with the other primates, even though, that's unfair to the other primates, and she would probably have a fake wedding and marriage to get more ratings for that pose fest she calls a show. 

I guess all the legions of men that have had the misfortune of being with Kim are all guilty of bestiality. Looks like the Bible thumpers were right after all. 

What Have I Done? I Had Sex With  A Pig?!
Maybe Kim can win National Geographic's Hottest Woman of the Year Next Time.

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