Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ray J Collapses From Exhaustion, i.e. Drugs

Where they do that at?

I am NOT Gay! Yes, you are.
R&B singer who knows what he does, Ray J has been hospitalized near Las Vegas for exhaustion. Another case of R&R. How are you "exhausted" from doing nothing? This Hollywood exhaustion excuse has become exhausting to listen to. Lindsanity was exhausted every other week, Rihanna was exhausted and had faked IV's that she tweeted to her brain dead Navy, now this...How does Nick Cannon come out to be cooler than this guy? Hide your head in shame Ray. Maybe that's why he always wears sunglasses or looks away from the camera. 
Ray J's representative said in a statement Tuesday that the singer went to the hospital Monday and "will remain there for treatment for exhaustion and jet lag." So, that's rehab? I know doing nothing can be really tiring, you haven't had an album since 2008 and no one bought it. Maybe Kim Kartrashian should go over there and help him relax, she is a great past time, from what we all have heard, at least from the moans and groans from that tape that made this slut famous.
Ray J
Ray and Kim BEFORE surgery!
The rep says Ray J was in Las Vegas to host a party and also attended Sunday's Billboard Music Awards. Hosting parties...That's what Paris Hilton does or the cast from Jersey Shore, not a so called super star singer/song writer. But then again, he has had only one song that cracked the top ten's hot 100 in his career and that was 4 years ago. The rep adds that Ray J had just returned from performing in China. Performing Chinese porn is not the same as actually singing or dancing. Really? Ray, exhaustion? are you in that much demand that you are criss crossing the globe that you are getting jet lag? I don't think so. Hospitalized for exhaustion means "snorting coke or crank all night on a hunting knife." You tired turn your IPhone off, take a nap, stop being a douche (wishful thinking) and take a nap. The long one. This is the punishment for making Kim Kardashian famous. 

ray jWe already suffered from 2 seasons of your stupid reality dating show, which should've been called "whores on display" and "I will pretend that I want someone with substance, but in the end, it will be the skinniest, skankiest, dumbest whore in the cast who I have been screwing the entire time." p.s. "Our relationship won't make it to the reunion show."
 How about stop living off of your sister's success and try, just try to stop being this generations Bobby Brown that is if Chris Beat Her Down Brown doesn't beat that title away from all opponents.  Just know, that smirking at the camera in a wife beater and a hat hanging to the side with glistening skin is highly suspect. Your voice is softer than mine...I'm just saying. Doing Kim would  make a straight man gay, but you got my antennas twitching. What do I expect from Snoop's cousin? Self respect, musical integrity? Nope, doo rags, looking at yourself in the mirror, pimp cups, pretending to be a pimp actually, being drunk or high on a continual basis, not making any sense when they talk, and being a terrible human being in general. 

Go rest from lugging that 10 inch weapon around the globe and take some quiet, YOU time. 
the ray j house
Ray and Non De script Whores

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