Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Same Sex Marriage Banned In North Carolina

In another example of American puritanical bigotry, and simple mindedness, North Carolina's evangelical bigots find a way to legislate morality by passing an amendment to ban gay marriage. Surely they feel they are doing God's work, whichever one they communicate with, with their tin foil hats, power crystals and holy wine. To these ass hats,  they are defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman, and of course they fail to see anything from any other point of view. 61% of this ass backwards state voted to repress the rights of a minority of people and dictate to them whom they should love. That's what happens when you can't read the amendment and have to depend on homophobes to interpret it for you. Just one more reason why a sixth grade education is so important.

Tami Fitzgerald, who heads the pro-amendment group Vote FOR Marriage NC, said she believes the initiative awoke a silent majority of more active voters in the future. Remember, the "silent majority" got Bush elected by voting on religious beliefs. So, indescribably stupid...

"I think it sends a message to the rest of the country that marriage is between one man and one woman," Fitzgerald said at a celebration Tuesday night. "The whole point is simply that you don't rewrite the nature of God's design based on the demands of a group of adults." Interesting, since this entire thing is a demand based on group of adults with the intellect of a child.

The amendment also goes beyond state law by voiding other types of domestic unions from carrying legal status, which opponents warn could disrupt protection orders for unmarried couples. Yup, if you get beat down and you shack up, you are out of gas in NC. Imagine being married and you are hospitalized, who will they allow to see you? Next of kin, correct? What if you have lived an alternative lifestyle and you have been disowned by your family and the only person you have is your domestic partner? What then? Sucks to be them, because we have to stand on "principle" and our interpretation of scripture which apparently means to hate and discriminate against those that we don't understand or disagree with.

Joe Easterling, who described himself as a devout Christian, voted for the amendment at a polling place in Wake Forest.

"I know that some people may argue that the Bible may not necessarily be applicable, or it should not be applicable, on such policy matters. But even looking at nature itself, procreation is impossible without a man and a woman. And because of those things, I think it is important that the state of North Carolina's laws are compatible with the laws of nature but, more importantly, with the laws of God." Well, Joe, you are incorrect, procreation is possible without man and woman, I guess you never heard of IVF. Oh, that's science, something that devout Christians deny exist. Plus, you are linking religion and government, something that people are too stupid to comprehend at the same time. Because in order to govern, the desire to not oppress should enter into your mind somewhere. Marriage is a RELIGIOUS institution, not a function of the government. I thought the tea party didn't want the government telling them what to do, except when it comes to sex, then it's OK.

Where is the ban on divorce or adultery? What about envy? Those are sins. Where is the ban on sea food? What about all the fat asses running around? Gluttony... That's right, just like all "devout Christians" we pick and choose sins to be against. Why? If we can look down on a group and they are somehow more evil, then we can attain heaven by default. It's sick, it's pathetic and it's hypocrisy. People are taught by their closeted priests, pastors, bishops, et al... that's it's OK to tell a gay person. "God hates the sin, but loves the sinner, and you are going to hell." No pastor, there is no place in hell hot enough for the lies that come out of your mouth. Everyone that can claim America is a Christian Nation and homosexuality is wrong, but will not do anything for the other sins sitting in the pews, then they are illogical and belong no place in a civilized society. Well, they are from the south, so that's not civilized by definition. It's funny that the Bible Belt has a church on every corner, but the highest crime rate in the nation, the highest teen pregnancy, the highest STD's, the highest murder rate, the highest poverty rate, and the lowest test scores in math and science. Maybe God isn't listening to you bunch of superstitious clowns that still believe the earth is flat or that the sun revolves around the earth. One wonders, why does God keep creating gay people or are we continuing with the insane notion that people choose to be hated and discriminated against for kicks and giggles. That sounds like fun to me too, being ostracized and targeted for mistreatment. 

Listen you ignorant bigoted, cult members, if you don't agree with the lifestyle, then that's fine, no one is asking you to watch gay porn, or attend a drag show. Let me stress that gays make up the world and everything that you do, they have a hand in. Church ladies, all those clothes you love to wear to the weekly fashion show, I mean church service, 85% are designed by gay men. Your cute little purses, gay men made those too. Perfume? Gay, boo. What about your shoes? Gay, gay, gay, gay! Even the stupid hats that the old ladies wear, gay. Men, your little now and later green suits, gay. Your cologne? Really?! Gay. Half of the music ministers pack more fudge than Hershey, or how many men do you know wear pink suits with a Jeri curl mullet. What about those red bottom shoes that women covet? Gay. How extraordinary that the most ultrafundametalist Christians, are the most hateful people that I have ever known. Even an atheist will tell you that "God is Love, discrimination is not love." Too bad you don't read your own scriptures or maybe you can't read them.

What will happen is that we will have 45 different State laws, the Supreme Court will rule this ban as the b.s. that it is, and it will be struck down and so called Christian discrimination will end. The final result will be a bunch of bitter bigots lamenting about activist judges and how Christians are under assault in the "last days". Your Christian Nation of forced beliefs is a nation that is un-American, un-constitutional and it shows the worst in us. 

Hide My Shame
are an embarassment, a dissappointment and you don't represent any aspect of Jesus Christ or the human race. 

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