Saturday, June 9, 2012

In Defense of Gwyneth Paltrow

This criticism is directed towards those black people who say the word "nigga" freely or have no issue with it unless it comes from the mouth of a non-black person. If you do not condone the use of the word by anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, then the "hypocrite" label does not apply to you.

The most boring actress second to Maniston has caused quite the controversy this past week. We know that she isn't known to relate to us poor working class commoners despite her sanctimonious diatribes about relating to poor people so it came as quite a shock that she was basically making out with various black pop and hip hop artists in the last few years. Whether it has been to make herself seem a little less annoying or more cool can't be determined, but needless to say, she has been on the fast track to black town and been doing too much tweeting and blogging. So when Princess Gwen tweeted a picture of herself onstage with Kanye West and her BFF Jay-Z during a performance in France and captioned it “N**gas in Paris, for real…” The media and twitter verse immediately jumped the shark and condemned the pampered talentless actress, whose best work was "Shallow Hal". Gwen's explanation was plausible, it's the name of the song. Which it is...

Singer, Terius “The Dream” Nash also came to the Gwyneth’s defense, initially absorbing blame for the tweet…TeriusNiggaInParis.jpg (454×171)

So, let me suspend my disbelief for a second to believe that you were drunk tweeting a photo of you and Gwen on the stage and you typed Niggas in Paris for Real on her phone, but sent it on her twitter account. But then, you had to clear it up on your twitter account because of course you don't have her phone anymore or want your friend to take so much heat from the media and the blogs. Where are the Niggas that authored the song for her defense? Why are they speaking out on her behalf? Guess friendship among A Listers isn't even free.

How about this, the aristocrat Gwyneth Paltrow was hanging with one rapper way past his prime who can only talk about how much money he has and the fine bitch in his house and who uses "Jigga My Nigga" as one of his many lame monikers, along with another dude that yells profanity in a microphone and every other word he says is "nigga". Please put the civil rights sirens down for a more worthy cause and let Reverand AL's pressed perm rest for a weekend. From two niggas they say nigga allot, no one was upset until the white woman said it and it's the bloody title of the song. What's messed up, is that the idiotic song was a mega hit and there was no public outcry about the song title or misogynistic undertones. That song was a thin reference to Amber Rose. Her stripper name was Paris and the rest is self explanatory. But let this boring blond tweet the title of the song from "jigga my nigga", and yeezy (he got nigga in his alter ego some where), yet they call Watch the Throne a classic. How I can't really say, it's more of the same crap but a different day from those two. Jay-Z does what he always does, raps about being a billionaire, how he used to sell drugs, bought something for 2 and sold it for 5, how he is on permanent vacation, lays on the beach drinking ciroc, something about New York, something about Big, now he is fresh and got the President on speed dial and how we need to be scared of his next move, Beyonce is going to screech on a chorus, something about Brooklyn, something about wearing black, something about being a mogul and making various inarticulate, almost gutteral sounds like "shea and Uh uh uh." Kanye is going to do his recycled raps from previous albums, throw random lines together along with movie and prime time tv references that literally make no sense. He will get what sounds like a mega phone and yell profanities and name drop fashion lines, celebrities and people he has slept with and then lament as to why people think he is a jackass then brag about his Maybach or Lion skin rug.

If you want to be upset at anyone, be upset at Jay Z and Kanye, not the Princess for crafting such an ignorant song , and be mad at yourselves for purchasing it and shucking and jiving to the beat.

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