Friday, July 6, 2012

All White Christian Cross Burning In Alabama Town

Just when I thought I couldn't be anymore embarassed to be from this back water state, this happens...
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo

   A group that believes "the white race is God's chosen people" is hosting a three-day conference that will culminate with a "sacred Christian cross-lighting ceremony" Friday evening. The Christian Identities Ministries conference, which will be held in Lamar County, has drawn concern from residents, including Winfield Mayor Wayne Silas, or anyone with a moral compass, who has asked city employees to remove the group's fliers. It appears in addition to Cullman and Clanton, we have another place in Alabama that black people can't be caught  at night.

 The organizer of the event, Rev. William C. Collier, says that his church is not a hate group. The cross-lighting ceremony is "open to all white Christians," the group's flier states. I totally believe that this so called Reverend isn't promoting hatred, I mean please...what the hell are we all thinking? Cross burning? The white race are God's chosen people? No...that sounds reasonable to me. I'm sure on the bottom of the flier it also stated: "After the cross burnin, ya'll invited to the animal courtin and the sister marryin at the nearest barnyard." What is so sacred about burning crosses? Isn't that a method of terror utilized by the Klan since Reconstruction? It seems that once again, God has the lock on retards for followers.

Guess who else isn't invited to this blasphemy? That Hebrew dude named Jesus. When will people become sick and tired of this racism crap in any form? It's even more sickening to use the veil of religion to justify racist view points. Considering the very Bible that these rednecks use to position themselves to screw the livestock clearly state that the Hebrews were God's chosen which is why Judeo Christians have the insane belief that America supports Israel. Doesn't "Christian" mean Christ like or follower of Christ? How is this Christ like? Didn't Jesus preach loving one another, helping the lesser among us, treating people as equals and all that hippy socialist nonsense that the God party, I mean the GOP have convinced us is wrong. We have a bastardized capitalist psuedo Christian society at least it's Christian on Sunday's or when politicians need to manipulate the mindless minions. It seems "Christian" means prosperity, child molestation, theft, pimps and hoes, mega churches, and phony king coronations.

Get In My Belly!
This type of ignorance will do nothing to attract people to "christianity". This is yet another example of intolerance, hypocrisy, hate mongering, and double standards that cause disillusionment or reinforce disbelief.  It's funny that the so called "white supremacists" are the walking and talking refutation of that belief. It's never a John Kerry or Bill Gates type that is well read, educated, well dressed, rich and live in a civilized town. White Supremacists are always a real life version of He-Haw with Confederate flags, rotting teeth, chewing dip, "mudding", people that think that road kill is gourmet meat and when they talk you can almost hear "Dueling Banjo's" playing. 

Since Christians fight tooth and nail on the Genesis story which flies in the face of science, then they should believe that God created man and not a specific color of man. What do I expect from Sweet Home Alabama, a state full of people with less than a high school education, a sad excuse for an education system, and no type of resources except for an unhealthy love of Alabama and Auburn football. 

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Thank you Alabama for once again setting the mark lower than any other state in the contiguous United States. You stay classy Alabama.

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