Monday, July 16, 2012

Octomom Strips for $5,000 at Florida Nightclub

 In an event dubbed the "Final Humiliation" Nadya Suleman stripped topless for $5,000 in a low rent Florida club Friday night. So stretch marks make money now?

About 400 customers showed up to see Suleman strip down to her panties to the odious sounds of Rihanna at West Park's Playhouse Gentlemen's Club, reports the Daily Mail.

The mother of 14 wore a naughty schoolgirl outfit, along with pigtails and a dominatrix outfit for the show, reports the New York Daily News.
Nadya Suleman
Must Be the Money Cause It Aint Your Face

 Suleman is being sued by the owner of a rival strip club -- T's Lounge in West Palm Beach -- who claims that she promised to perform exclusively at his establishment.

Fellow strippers weren't very kind, although they appreciated the crowds. “She’s really stiff,” one told the Miami Herald. “Oh my God, she can’t dance. But it’s good for the rest of us girls because she made it a busy Friday night…” Wow, looks like she gave the strippers a bad name, since you can somehow tarnish a tramps good standing in the community.

 A low level smut figure stripping to the music of a high level smut figure, can only happen in America. Every picture of Octomom that we see lately, she has a glazed over look in her eyes. Guess you need some "herbal" or chemical courage to get on stage. Something she and her famous smut muse has in common, in addition to being stiff and unable to sing or dance... All Nadya needs is a minion to write "thug life" on her stomach and buy several pair of designer sunglasses with interchangeable wigs while telling herself she is either a rock star or a thug.    

I don't know where the biggest sinkhole is, her vajajay or her head, but someone should tell this walking science project that she isn't that good looking. There isn't enough booze, no amount of drugs, or total darkness to make this lunatic attractive. That's not just me, the 400 men that frequented the club paid an average of $20 per person. So, score one for the dog faced, mentally disturbed gremlin.

As the old white guy said at the end of that game show that is irrelevant to mention here, "Remember folks, get your pets spayed or neutered." Substitute Nadya's name for pet.


Anonymous said...

What's the purpose of u taking her down in ur blog like this? Im not condoning what she did. Having 14 kids is dumb with or without being married, but the damage us done. At least she is trying without around waiting for the gov't to step in. Who are u to knock her hustle, whatever it may be? I hope the temperature is nice and mild up there on ur high horse.

Rebel Flower said...

First of all, your spelling, syntax and sentence structure is terrible and I would suggest you go back to 8th grade. Your run on paragraph, I grade you an F. No gold stars for you...

Secondly, learn the facts before you run off at the mouth OFF, Octomom IS on Government Assistance, she IS on welfare.

The temperature up here on my throne is quite warm, now kiss my ring PEASANT!

Anonymous said...

feel better?

Rebel Flower said...

Do you?

Wilson Peter said...

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I loved reading this piece! Well written! :)

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