Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nicki Minaj Puts Death Knell in American Idol

There Can Only Be Only One HBIC
I can't completely blame her for killing the show, Fox should just end the show on a high note instead of dragging it on and scraping the bottom of the barrel. Accept the fact that the show has run it's course and  cancel it, have a cake, and a big party, and have some pride. It's in it's death throes and her/ their addition as a "judge" illustrates the desperation by the producers to save a show, a product, that is watered down to the point that is has no meaning, just like the deteriorating music industry itself. You see...The addition of Nicki Minaj only makes sense, she is both a symptom and a disease of the very industry that she will sit in judgment on, with the hopes of bringing in her insipid Barbz every week to pad the ratings. Good luck with that. Not to mention the added tension between head Diva in charge Mimoo and whichever personality video hoe Barbie comes as that day.  How hard is it to have people in the industry that can actually sing without gimmicks? Do you see Adele, Sade, Marsha Ambrosia, Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson, (when she isn't singing about losing weight) jumping around in corsets, crazy wigs, rhyming the same syllable, having multiple personalities and pretending to be gay or do they stand on their talent with strong song writing, vocal ability, and lyrics?

Mariah Carey
I Run This
This seems like Simon's practical joke or a cynical way to get people to tune in to X-Factor or the even The Voice. Oh wait, they have and they will. There is already a story that Mariah and Nicki are "feuding" and in celebrity terms that usually means a twitter beef or  just snubbing each other in a club while sending rude messages to one another via their man servants or their body guards. According to TMZ, when Nicki, the epitome of trash, started critiquing a contestant, Mariah would continually interrupt. Each time Mariah interrupted, Nicki fought back by loudly talking over Mariah. Mariah took to Twitter to comment about the first taping, writing, “several classic moments so far.” Yeah, I'm sure, but I won't be seeing this epic battle of who is the biggest bitch because I have seen this show but better on Real Housewives of something or Mob Wives and they at least made no illusions about he purpose of their shows. I would rather watch Bad Girls kick some random whore in the face, while calling a the new room mate "the bottom bitch" or replacement, as they throw her mattress in the pool over this bit of piss and wind. Nicki Minaj isn't fit to judge talent. Do they have to dance or have a gay dance troupe behind them with so many flashing lights that they hypnotize people into believing that they are actually producing a quality product warranting merit. Speaking of product placement...Isn't it odd that the show is endorsed by Coke and Nicki and her enormous distorted ass is owned by Pepsi? I guess the milk truly has gone bad and her ass is for sell to the highest bidder. It's like she is a giant billboard but the only thing missing is good music or talent.

Mariah is a fitting judge for this dying albatross of a show, because as a judge she can be respected and can be in a position to judge others. Nicki? Don't make me laugh. Considering most of the contestants on Idol would have as much or more talent than her, unless they let her lipsynch or auto tune the chorus in her so called raps, then she will be elite level.

This show has become about the judges, not the contestants, which is not the point of the show, if I'm not mistaken, I don't watch the show. I imagine watching paint dry would be more climactic than watching this show, that seems rigged to have the "white guy with a guitar" named the winner, who then releases a boring, generic album who is never heard from again. American Idol is the name of the show, not American Bitches. This show lost credibility with J. Hoe, but now this cat fight for ratings? Pass. If it's an argument over whom has more musical talent, it's Mariah, even if her voice is not as strong as it was a decade ago.

Mariah Carey Posing in the 90's
Remember Me?
Mimoo may not be as popular as she once was, her star may have fizzled, yet she could hold a high note sitting on a stool or standing still wearing a flannel shirt or cutoff shorts. She sold millions of records because of her crossover appeal and writers supplied by her ex-handler husband. The only gimmick Mariah had was about 3 "emancipation albums" and getting more and more naked. Nicki on the other hand, is trash, Flavor Flav jacking ways, acting a fool to a confused audience does not a bonafide musical judge make.
Nicki Minaj Mariah Carey

$12 Million for this? I hope you kept the receipt for this freak show.

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