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The Cognitive Dissonance of Mitt Romney's Faith and Obama's Fake Muslim One

I have a surprising announcement for the world of faith based idiots that still vote their values: 

I Feel Pretty, Witty and Gay

Mitt Romney is NOT a real Christian. Mitt has been the first Presidential nominee I can recall from either of the two big parties who has not used nearly every opportunity to talk about his faith. If one did not know that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, one could be forgiven for wondering if he might be an atheist.

The Romney campaign knows that roughly 18% of Americans polled say they would not vote for a Mormon for president, and their solution has been to have their candidate avoid speaking directly about his Mormon faith. Romney still talks about his faith, but he does so in an unusually vague manner, omitting the part about being a Mormon and attempting to steer the discussion away from it. Not really different from his economic policy, health care policy and his record as Governor.

This strategy of avoidance has been effective, as the same Gallup poll cited above found that 40% of Americans do not know that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. This is good news for the Romney campaign because voters who do not know about Romney's faith are less likely to have questions about what Mormons believe.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon

In Alabama, the cradle of stupidity, and an irrational fear of Obama runs prevalent, Mormons are not that popular. They are regarded as a cult and don't believe they are real Christians. We have to have dog whistle litmus tests for all politicians in the South and the person that invokes the name of Jesus the most and panders  to the local churches win. 

Now, the uninformed electorate, claim Obama is a Muslim and want to change the country into Saudi Arabia  or Mother Russia, which is false. It makes one wonder, does the public not understand that a Mormon or a Muslim both aren't Christian. The fundamentals of the belief system of Mormonism is diametrically opposed to Judeo Christianity. Why doesn't Barrack HUSSEIN Obama get a pass even if he were a Muslim? Would a Scientologist get a pass even  if they were running against Obama? Romney believes that Jesus is Satan's brother! Hello?! 

An organization that is secretive, controlling, promotes "prophets" to lead a group of brain dead sheep in the desert, you have a cult my friend. “The level of secretiveness surrounding the temples is extraordinary, so much so that members of the Mormon Church who have not been to the temple have virtually no idea as to what they entail… Before Mormons are allowed to enter a temple, they must be interviewed by two separate tiers of ecclesiastical leadership to determine their worthiness to enter these edifices. 

Among the various questions asked of a member, one particular question goes as follows: ‘Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?’ The very nature of this question, coupled with several others regarding complete obedience to the president of the church (or ‘prophet’), is particularly troubling for the leader of the free world.

If members are found to be in violation of this question (or any other from the list of questions), they will not be allowed to enter the temple. Being blocked from entering the temple is tantamount to being blocked from Heaven, albeit temporarily. (They can always repent.)

“Among the various ‘ordinances’ performed in the temples, none are more divisive than the Law of Consecration. This rite requires members to pledge all their time, money, and abilities to the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth (the Mormon kingdom). Couple this with the demand to sustain the president of the church as the only prophet seer and revelator on earth, a particularly troubling form of absolute obedience emerges.” Let's not mention they believe they will be settled on another planet in another galaxy, something that every UFO cult believes. Not really the resurrection or the rapture...

Interesting how elevating a cult member (using the term loosely), with allegiance to the LDS to the highest office in the land is perfectly fine and the "separation of church and state" can be argued as the rationale, if there is in fact one. Yet, when it comes to women's rights, gay marriage, or anything uncomfortable sexually, then we are in " A Christian Nation." Not with a Mormon head of state, we aren't. Deists, Agnostics, Atheists and anyone that has read the Constitution knows and has correctly argued that the US has no National Religion. It's a Christian Nation only during bumper sticker platitudes, while waving American flags, promoting our bastardized Nationalism.

 Pat Robertson, host of CBN's "700 Club,"  and King Snake Oil Salesman, endorsed Romney in April, saying that "He's not running for Chief Rabbi or Chief American Pastor. He's running for Chief Executive, and he's a skilled lawyer, he's a skilled businessman. And that's what we need." Is there anything hypocritical about this? Why is a televangelist even talking about politics in the first place? He should stick to bilking little old ladies out of their social security checks, hoping their prayer request will get answered.

Personally, the religious beliefs are of no consequence to me so long as they possess leadership skills and have the aptitude to govern. The guy/ female can be a Mormon, Atheist, Catholic, Scientologist or Voodoo Priest. His personal beliefs are irrelevant. The only oath that I will take seriously on January 20th, is whether the President will defend the Constitution and I don't care if he swears in on a Quran, a copy of Dianetics or a King James Bible. But the notion that a Mormon is a Christian and there isn't a Christian litmus test is laughable and frankly sad. 

Mitt Romney
Hynotizing the Sheep with My Smile
Go ahead Southern Christians and others who still play the religion game. You are voting for a guy that believes in a planet called Kolob, a planet nearest to the throne of God, but is nowhere in history or Astronomy charts. You are voting for a guy that believes in a made up Jesus and a made up God, and that by being a Mormon you will become more like God, yet you post and opine about how our society is "Taking God out of our lives more and more." Or, can you all just join a cause when all you have to do is buy a substandard chicken sandwich just because your pastor told you too.

Have you ever noticed that most politicians are lawyers? Wonder why that is? They are skilled manipulators and are taught how to bend facts to suit them. It's all political theatre and gamesmanship, we see an illusion of  a person, not the real person. That's by design. If you met the real candidate, we probably wouldn't vote for him or like him. 

How about we elect people based on the facts and the issues, not on how many times they say Jesus or "my faith." We the people, need results and irrefutable truth not excuses, and phony smiles with Bible in hand. Their is no difference between religious faiths other than dueling incredulous stories about origin, redemption, salvation, the apocalypse and the afterlife. It simply doesn't matter if the person is a liar and can't stand behind his own positions and Romney stands for nothing. He does love his temple issued underwear that protects him from harm, so he can invent a new story and the public can vote Romney because they need to get that Muslim out of the White House. You people are hypocrites and worse irrational idiots from a bygone era blissfully forgotten.

Watch this gross ignorance of Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional History...


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