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Jodi Arias: Guilty of Murder...Anyone Shocked?

Looks like a jury convicted her after all...

Jodi Arias reacts on Wednesday, May 8, after an Arizona jury found her guilty of first-degree murder for killing Travis Alexander in June 2008. The conviction means Arias could face the death penalty. Her trial has taken many turns and revealed a story of sex and violence.
They Didn't Believe The Fables Mom...

May 8th will be Jodi Arias' proverbial May day when she was pronounced guilty unanimously by an Arizona jury who seemed to see through the titillating tales of sex, fake tears and mousy librarian couture. It seems as if the photos of a nearly decapitated Travis couldn't be washed away from the memories of the jury, no matter how many versions of the "how I got attacked" story fell out her lying lips.

Jodi Arias reacts as the verdict is read aloud. 
Next Big Lie?
When the verdict was read by the foreman, Arias had a legitimate look of shock on her face. She really believed that she would walk away from this killing after her trash Travis campaign. It's amazing that she accused him of being a pedophile, an abuser, a sexual deviant and a person that raged out of control, but there was not one person that defense counsel could produce that could corroborate that story. Not 1 ex girlfriend, friend, enemy, co-worker, ghost, vegetable or mineral that showed that he was a disturbed sex crazed fiend. On the other hand, people were accusing Jodi as early as the initial 9/11 tape. Even her journal entries were lies based upon a concept that enables you to lie.

After Jodi turns on the water works and eyes each juror imploringly when they read their verdict, what does the freshly convicted murderess do? Does she seek out her mother or grandmother? Does she try to pass a message to her reported lesbian lover to let her know that the plan to run off and get artificially inseminated was 86'd? She does one better. She provides yet another interview minutes after conviction where she makes herself even more unlikable, if that can be possible.
Jodi Arias gives an exclusive interview to My FOX Phoenix moments after learning of guilty verdict.
Natural Born Killer

In her interview with KSAZ Wednesday, Arias said she was surprised by the jury's verdict.

"It was unexpected, for me, yes, because there was no premeditation on my part," she said. "I can see how things look that way."

Arias told KSAZ that longevity runs in her family, and that the worst possible outcome in the case would be a life sentence without parole.

"I would much rather die sooner than later," she said. (These words warrant suicide watch)

What does she day about Travis, the sexual deviant, I mean one bought the sexual deviant story, even if he was a sexually active Mormon sleeping with a whore. Nothing he did warranted being butchered the way he was.

"There's a lot of regret because I was really hoping to get a plea and avoid talking about a lot of things that came out about him... we could've been able to avoid the murkier aspects of his life that he kept hidden... now the curtain has been drawn and you can see the hypocrisy and everything that was there."

Mormon Hypocrite
Wait...aren't you a Mormon too? Weren't you a willing participant in all of the deviant sexual activity? If he was a pedophile, why didn't you tell someone in authority, other than change your story on the stand to trash his reputation in order to make the jury and the world think, "well it's good she got that philandering asshole".   Why doesn't your journals support any of these stories? That's right, the law of attraction, which is a cute way of living in denial or as I like to call it, lying, meaning you can't put anything negative in there. How dare you, a liar and an admitted murderer sit in judgment over someone that acted  with the same human urges that you did. In fact, you were the one that opened him up sexually, little Ms. Fatal Attraction 2.0.

Jodi was also asked in the interview why she decided to kill Travis a 4th time in the trial, by trying to destroy whatever dignity he had left and trash his reputation. Of course, it's never Jodi's fault and she had an interesting answer...

"I would have been happy to be silent and go quietly into the night off to prison. My defense team decided to rip the lid off because we were forced to trial. Um, the state didn't want to settle. It's not that I wanted to plow ahead and do this, I took the stand strategically because they advised me to and I had to answer the questions posed to me."

So, pleading not guilty was going quietly into the night? How were you forced into trial exactly? You could've plead guilty, I'm quite sure the Prosecution and Alexander family would've taken a guilty plea without a trial. Why waste the governments time and money and why embarrass yourself and Travis if you were happy to go to jail? You thought you could smile, giggle, sing, lie, cry or pretend to cry, then lie some more out of this mess and it didn't work.

No Tears, No Shame

Now, she is on suicide watch for the I would like to die now comment, but we all know narcissist's never kill themselves. Clearly, she knows how to kill and in a spectacular fashion, so the threat of her killing herself is pretty low. While on the stand, she stated that she attempted to slit her wrists and the pain was too much. But death is the ultimate freedom, remember? Well you certainly set Travis free, but you can't do yourself that great courtesy? How big of you.

Does she have any mitigating factors to save her from the death penalty? Here is the gospel according to Jodi...

"Well I've been told I don't have any mitigating factors." She goes on to say, "Um nothing that is what you typically see in a case like this, such as a childhood where there was drugs, alcoholism, molestation, none of those things occurred in my family so I guess we would sort of joke that my mom didn't beat me hard enough, so I don't have mitigation."

Didn't she get pushed into chairs, walls, beaten with a wooden spoon that her mother carried with her in her purse. Did I imagine seeing that or was I in Jodi fog world? I thought she tearfully told us about how she was beaten and it was so bad that she bailed and moved to San Francisco with a guy to hunt vampires. She jumped from non denominational Christian, Wicca, Hinduism, Buddhism till her pants became magical and she finally chose Mormonism for the sake of bagging Travis Alexander. 

Who does Jodi "cry" for? Certainly not Travis. Remember, none of this is her fault. Travis is the last in a long line of abusive men that use Jodi for sexual pleasure. Travis Alexander called her a whore, evil, a sociopath, and the worst thing that ever happened to him. Turns out he was right. If anyone can call this abuse, character assassination or any other thing that warrants being nearly decapitated then you need to speak to a psychologist or join Jodi in her padded cell. 
The Beginning of the End...
Everything Travis said about her has been proven to be the 100% truth. She is a whore. She tells men that she has magic in her panties and even had two dates in one day. Well, that doesn't necessarily mean whore, that's just popularity, maybe. She goes camping with groups of men, that could be construed as more than whore, it's more like a train. She sends text messages asking men to ejaculate on her face and they happily oblige. She poses for nude pictures, but so does many celebrities who fall under the designation of whore. She brutally killed a man then climbed on top of another one only a few hours later. She then flirted with yet another man on a plane after attending her murder victim's memorial service and called him as soon as she got home. This was again, AFTER ATTENDING HER DEAD VICTIM'S MEMORIAL SERVICE. Most human beings would call that slutty and whorish behavior.

She is a sociopath. She has shown absolutely no human feelings during this trial for anyone other than herself. She even looked at graphic autopsy photos with disturbing enjoyment. She was actually mesmerized looking at the photos while everyone else was crying and looking away in horror. That is proof of an anti-social personality disorder. Just like Travis said "she only cries for herself". This has been one big grand show for her and a time to seamlessly tell lie after lie and grab not only every mans attention, but now the captivated national audience. She has made a mockery of real abused and battered women, and the fact that she was allowed to spend 19 days telling this grandiose lie, harms legitimate abuse victims who actually have no other choice in life and death situations. 

Let's not blame Nurmi and Wilmott, the messengers, the blame lies squarely on Jodi and the countless lies that she has told. 

Jodi Arias is the manipulative abuser that relies on her looks, not the abused. She proved it on June 4, 2008 when she killed and mutilated a naked, unarmed man and lied about it repeatedly trying to save her own sociopathic hide. She further proved it on the stand with her overtly assertive behavior toward the prosecutor. That is not the personality of a "victim". That is the personality of an aggressor. She gave Travis sex, stalking, lies, stabbing, shooting and a slashed throat.

Love You to Death

If this is Jodi's idea of protecting Travis, and example of her loyalty and love...Please hate me. (and this was the least graphic photo.) 

She won't be able to hide in her fog forever, because she has a long line of people waiting to stick that needle in her arm. 

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