Friday, June 10, 2011

Herman Cain- An Offer America Has to Refuse

Did you know there is an attempt to ease Sharia Law and the Muslim faith into our government? Did you know that Sharia Law has crept into Europe? You didn't? Neither did I. Most of us that live in or around the planet earth know that no one has attempted to ease Sharia Law in the US government and know that's a breach of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution and we also know that there is no evidence of Sharia Law in Europe. Not unless you are rolling ecstasy, popping pills, snorting coke and and have an iv of infused gasoline going directly into your veins. According to token GOP house negro/ presidential candidate Herman Cain, all of the above is real. This fool believes that Muslims in America try to force Sharia Law onto the rest of us. *sigh* Is this guy supposed to inoculate the GOP and the Tea Baggers from the charge of racism? He is a true Macadamia.

He also states that he would not be comfortable appointing a Muslim either to his Cabinet or as a Federal Judge. Really?! So, let me get get this straight...a black man born in Georgia, born in 1945 under Jim Crow has the unmitigated gaul to practice discrimination. Did he not see the "colored only" signs? I want him to show one example, just one, of how Muslims have tried to take over or overthrow the government and impose Sharia Law. If they or anyone did that do you know what that would be called? Treason. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Ali, Jermaine Jackson you are all dangers to America!

I'm a Skeeeeeeeered, blind, deef and dumb.

It gets better with our Black, Bigot Extraordinaire, he said that if he did hire a Muslim, he would require them to take an oath of allegiance. Has no one told him that public officials take oaths to protect and defend the constitution? Has he taken his role as CEO of Godfather's Pizza and confused it as being the real Godfather? You want them to piss on the Quran and bow and kiss your ring? He also suggested that as part of a peace deal with Israel he would give the Palestinians nothing.

Here is his justification:
"If we look at history, it has been clear that the Palestinians have always wanted to push Israelis and push Israel for more and more. I don't agree with that." Apparently, during his time on the plantation picking cotton he missed learning about WWII and the creation of the nation of Israel and the piss poor way the west went about the creation of that country. Why wouldn't Palestinians want to destroy Israel? If we were invaded by a foreign country, kicked out of our homes and thrown in tents all to ease guilt after the holocaust, wouldn't that piss you off? What if that country created a new country, set up a new military, stripped us of our belongings and the only thing we had were rocks and religion? But what are facts when you can just invent things and latch on to stories from the Bible. The two state solution is what EVERY president since Carter has been trying to achieve and outside of eradicating the entire Middle East, the only viable solution to achieve peace. What do you know? Do you know anything? History Professor...

Herman Cain stated that as President he would only sign bills that are no more than 3 pages instead of 2,000+ pages. So, the law can be summed up in a three page brochure? A Vogue Magazine has more depth than what he is proposing. So Cain is afraid of "lots of words". Should it have pictures and colors for those members like Michelle Bachmann who have the attention span of a 3yr. old? How about the legislators sponsor a bill via twitter, that's 140 characters, it's cheap, no paperwork and modern. Better yet, let's elect a psychic as president, we get all the above, with no computers, no phone, no staff, just savings all around. All of these possibilities are as probable as getting a good pizza from Godfather's. The stupidity of this statement, other than the fact that a president can't dictate the number of pages he signs, is that a Godfather Franchise agreement is on average 200 pages. FAIL! How can you privatize social security in 3 pages? How can you repeal health care in 3 pages? How can you set up oversight and appropriations in 3 pages? My explanation of medication from the pharmacy is longer than 3 pages, but he expects to sign bills into law that are no longer than 3 pages. I guess the number 3 is significant because of Biblical principle, maybe the trinity or he has a penchant for trilogies or having threesomes. Who knows?

Who needs them werds, book lernin is to cumplicated sumtimes.

Ignorance proves to be a virtue in the Republican party. If one embraces science, history, math or any subject other than bastardized judeo christianity Rush Limbaugh will have you banished before he goes back into his hooker spit and Oxycontin haze of hate and stupid. But, Cain, the Tea Baggin Godfather is not good enough to be master of the plantation at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He's only fit to clean up after the Real Master with the Arabic name. Someone should send him watermelon, tap shoes and fried chicken, I mean some of that ghastly pizza of his, since he likes to be the minstrel on stage and actually believes the delusion that he can be President. The Game is to be sold not to be told. Where is a Godfather's pizza anyway? Yeah...exactly. Godfather Buffoon has "let's get real" on his campaign website. That's just great, nice double meaning for the tea party crowd and draws on a now dated black youth phraseology that emphasizes the importance of racial authenticity. Remember that skit on Dave Chapelle's "when keeping it real goes wrong?" So much is wrong with Cain, outside of being functionally retarded and using simplistic racial reasoning that has dominated American politics, especially on the right.

Did you also know that Planned Parenthood is responsible for genocide of black babies? According to Godfather Bigot it's planned genocide. He and he alone found out the dastardly plan of the PP and he as our chocolate warrior will save us. Yes! The Great Black Hope is Dead, Long Live the Great Black Hope! If only abortion could be retroactive...How old is Herman Cain anyway? I think the GOP has a nutcase boot camp and they just churn them out each election cycle, or they slip rohypnol in the koolaid at the straight camp. I think this dude can out crazy Bachmann, and that's a hard mountain to climb. Who knows what woman he has beef with, but it appears he has an Oedipus complex , just like Bishop Longstroke was a closeted pedophile that loved to preach about hating gays, but it's obvious this want to be has some mommy issues. Has he not gotten his fill of dead beat baby daddies failing to support and raise their children, being raised by single financially unprepared mother's in the world? Does he and the rest of the know nothings enjoy the endless parade of ignorance on Maury when Bonquinsha brings 15 guys on the show to find her baby daddy. No, their busy sending dick photos to each other, buying hookers, bribing each other and molesting kids.

Herman Cain is a pathetic excuse for a business man, just like Mitt Romney. When he took over that disgusting pizza chain, he was able to bring it back in the black by shutting stores down. It's a scam worthy of ENRON, but none of the Republicans talk about that...He has NO political experience and knowledge of economics, the legislative process, the constitution, the Bible...the list goes on and on. Monica Lewinsky has more experience in the white house than Herman Cain. Although it's on her knees, but more experience nonetheless.

How about when he gave a speech about how people never read the Constitution, then he quoted from the Declaration of Independence. He never quoted or referenced one line from the actual document he was just whining about people not reading. The Constitution! D'oh!

Keep your sunglasses on, you fake want to be Gotti, you will never be President, you will never be the GOP nominee. You are the house negro, only because you got money and wear designer suits, but do not get it twisted, you are a minstrel and you are a joke.

Your candidacy is like your pizza chain, dead, with an offer that we all refused back in the 80's.


Anonymous said...

Lolol. Who knew the truth could be so hilarious? It's not as laughable as the idea that this guy considers himself worthy of political leadership. At this rate we should elect barney for the run. At least he is not a threat to the summer reading goals for first graders.

Redeye said...

Love the Alabama blogwire! Wish I had thought of that.

Rebel Flower said...

@Redeye, its a learning process for me as well. Thanks for the advice.