Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jose Baez is NEW The Johnnie Cochran!

Johnnie Cochran is dead, Long live Johnnie Cochran!

Today a new pimp attorney took the crown and let a modern day OJ Simpson/ Succubus go free after murdering her daughter 3 years ago in a stunning set of events. I got to hand it to Casey Anthony, she is truly a masterful liar. It's truly stunning the lies she can wield from that forked tounge. She actually redefines the word "liar" and that movie "liar, liar" should be thrown out and a new one about this woman should be made with a law that no other movie with that title or this set of facts can ever be made ever again in the future of mankind. Casey Anthony is proof positive that women are the most cunning and intelligent of the genders by being able to lie and add layers to her lies for years. Ogres and Casey Anthony have something in common I guess. When males lie, the first thing they say is "huh"? Who can remember lies from years ago and then incorporate them in a current lie, I can barely recall the day of the week. If only this succubus used her dark powers for good instead of evil.

This case had imaginary people, a fictitious nanny named "Zanny" (ironically the street name for Xanax), a fake job at Universal Studios that ended 2years ago (how her parents were unaware that she had no job is beyond me), a fake job conference in Orlando with Zanny the Nanny (neither existed), fake molestation charges against George Anthony, fake car accident that landed Zanny in the hospital, fake boyfriend's, Internet searches on making homemade chloroform and the list goes on and and on...

A jury, who apparently believes that the earth is still flat acquitted OJ Casey Anthony, of Murder...I can't even believe that. Here's what I believe happened. Most parents give their kids Benadryl or Tylenol Pm's when their kids get on their nerves sometimes to make them sleep a little longer. Maybe you want to go to the godawful Transformer's movies and you have an arm baby and you are too sorry to get a baby sitter, give the kid Benadryl, unless you are just so inconsiderate that you take a crying newborn to a popular movie and you just let the baby cry throughout the movie. I have seen it before... For the rest of the parents that have some sense, you leave them home or you drug them. Casey Anthony took it a step too far and decided to chloroform little Calee so she can get a long deep sleep so Casey can go out and party and serial fornicate with her club promotor boyfriend and only god knows who else real or imagined. Casey has been letting Zanney aka Xanax babysit Calee since Casey didn't have a job for 2years, but I bet the sleep wasn't deep enough, so she decided to try Chloroform. Watching too many movies... This dingbat used her homemade brew of chloroform and of course didn't know the dose for a toddler and she accidentally killed the kid. She panicked, tried to bury the child in the backyard, decided on the swamp because the backyard would be too much effort, then used her 31 days of hot body contests, tattoos, imaginary car accidents and other laughable lies to try and figure out how to explain to her mother why she was missing a child.

I don't believe in the death penalty generally, but Casey Anthony needs it, she truly needs the death penalty. That is reserved for people like Adolph Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Charles Manson and new inductee in the hall of shame Casey Anthony. Of course I would give out the death penalty to Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jay-Z for producing Rihanna and Russell Brand for looking like Charles Manson. Not to mention Megan Fox for being a mindless corpse and Michael Bay for completing bastardizing my childhood for Transformers and George Lucas for whoring out Star Wars and setting the nerd force out of balance with those damndable prequels. Oh, and let's not mention every mindless celebutard like Kim Kartrashian, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, The Real Housewives, Octomom, Heidi Montag and every other big breasted bimbo that contibutes nothing but stupidity to the world.

This jury didn't learn from OJ and fell for the "gloves didn't fit" make sh!t up defense and allowed this chick to basically have a late post term abortion, like a 3 year late term abortion and accuse everyone of lying including the scientists and she's the biggest liar second only to Satan himself. There is a party going on in hell tonight and I think Satan finally found his corpse bride and her name is Casey Anthony. I hope she learns the lessons from OJ (which he obviously didn't learn) and Michael Jackson. Keep your head down and don't do anything accept go to church. Don't party, don't drink, leave the country, lay low, clearly she can't go home after accusing her father of years of child abuse, sexual abuse, potentially fathering Caylee and airing all of the family dirty laundry. She might try and do one interview with Barbara Walters to try and get some income and then she should get the hell out of dodge. Please for the love of god, DON'T HAVE ANOTHER CHILD! Get scraped, get neutered, whatever, but never have another child ever. Forever ever? Forever ever! OJ let all the great legal work go to waste by breaking into a hotel and stealing his own sports memorabilia...he was trying to have a seance to get Cochran to come help him beat those ridiculous charges. He beat murder one! Stupid Stupid Stupid, words can't describe the stupidity.

Casey Anthony, hear me: If you ever commit any crime, if you ever jaywalk, piss on a power line, fail to pay a parking ticket, anything...YOU WILL BE CONVICTED FOR THE MURDER OF YOUR DAUGHTER! YOU BETTER LAY LOW!

White People: This is your new OJ, so, please never mention OJ to Black People again.

Jose Baez is now the new King, the new smut peddler and I commend you sir! It's only a matter of time before the law firm get's franchised. Today the didn't gloves fit.


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