Monday, August 22, 2011

Barack Star 101

Dear Mr. President,

Every four years one question drives those of us that are not blinded by religious pandering and singleminded dogma to the polls. This question is the one question that outside of speeches, kissing babies, American flag lapel pins, standing on stage with the carefully set up all American family with the canned answers is the one thing that is important. "Am I better off today than I was four years ago?" I can say without hesitation, HELL TO THE NO, I am worse off than I was four years ago and millions of people agree with me. I fall into the category of the long term unemployed who can't find a job but who has the misfortune of being educated, therefore I am "overqualified" or "qualified" but not the "highest qualified" if we are talking about federal jobs, which should be labeled a complete joke web site. Oh, but you decided to implement a hiring freeze for federal jobs, didn't you? Smart.

Why did you run for President? Did you think that your oratory would make partisanship and party lines evaporate and that we would all hold hands and live in a post racial, a-political utopian America. After your initial attempt to reach "across the aisle" back in 2009 by inviting the Republicans to the White House and they refused you over and over, then you should've known what time it was.  Yet, you continued to try and try and fought against the positions that you campaigned for, like DOMA, the public option and the Bush Tax Cuts, Closing Guantanamo, ending the conflict in Iraq...I could go on and on with this... Actually, you have a disturbing pattern that is not effective for leadership: Let the House and Senate bicker and fight, allow them to poison the media well for months at a time, then, after the tide of public opinion has shifted against you, THEN, you come out of your hole and begin making speeches.

Jokes on you America
You cannot afford to play the role of Mediator, that's not your job. You signed on to be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. NOT MEDIATOR OF THE UNITED STATES AMERICA. Maybe I'm used to the Bush years when he so effectively maintained the message of his administration through his front company Cluster Fox. He was stupid but he had sense enough to use the media to spin misinformation, what do you do? Play it safe by pretending to be the "adult in the room". While you play adult, your opponents will do anything to ruin your presidency, dehumanize you, and have no problem seeing the world go down in flames to do it. Hey, unemployment are just numbers to them and apparently to you, but to me and others who can't find a job, our perspectives are slightly skewed. It's disingenuous to give a speech, several speeches about not renewing the Bush tax cuts, then renew the Bush tax cuts becuase the Republicans are holding up unemployment insurance and the debt ceiling. Who is the President? You or the Speaker? Would Bush or Clinton allow their authority to be challenged in that way? If you are going to be hated by the progressives and the right wing nut jobs anyway, then make bold choices even if they fail legislatively. Why? It shows leadership, something you have been sorely lacking in since you took the White House. Yeah, you ordered Bin Laden shot in the face, but big deal, you are working with 41% approval, and a Republican field who is bashing you instead of each other.

Why did you even bother to go on a "bus tour"? What is it about bus tours and politicians? All you need to do is run an internet search or google yourself. Turn on Fox, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, it's all right there, big and bold as crap, take a huge whiff. I knew 3 years ago, that you would disappoint people and could never live up to your own hype, but for God's sake, if you want to be President, be President, not Professor X. Was this your goal?

-The country is more devided than ever.
- People are angry, really angry.
- People are getting increasingly desperate as they go month after month without being able to find a job.

If you can't be decisive and stop being afraid of your own shadow, then you shouldn't even bother running in 2012. You are a nice guy, articulate and probably friendly, but the "c" word should be banned from your vocabulary. "Compromise" should never be spoken under pain of death by any member of your staff, friends, family, or associates. Even if God speaks the word, he should fear your wrath. You benefitted by being black and your intelligence, it's almost like the trance of Bushism was broken and the sound of stupid spell was finally broken. Now, you fall into the trap with the conservative fixation with debt reduction at a time when we need Government spending and deficits to support the fragile economy. You are Bush lite only smarter. Personally, you are a conservative in a liberal's suit. Nothing about you is liberal, except you have a "D" by your name. Everything else about you is Republican.

During your electrifying campaign where the koolaid was served in throngs, you blasted Bush on his refusal to "change course" when strategies failed in Iraq, yet you do the exact same thing. Your leadership style needs to change but it remains stagnant, and limper than a sad wet noodle that's been left out in the rain. Your presidency is marred with disillusionment, rife with disappointment, depressing, and it needs a Xanax because it's a total bummer. The consequences of this disillusionment will be profoundly felt in the 2012 election. Republicans and independents will vote against You with their hands. Democrats and liberals will do so with their feet — by staying home. You don't hear anymore songs singing your praises do you? Oprah isn't here slobbing your knob on her show.

Matrix Refunded 2012
You had all the trump cards and you decided to play go fish instead of poker.  If the Republicans would not compromise on the Bush tax cuts, let the tax cuts expire. That would get the Republicans to the table and would have completely changed the debt ceiling debate.

He should have called the debt ceiling fiasco a Republican scam and political theater from the outset. Anyone sober and English speaking knew what it was, except you apparently.  The Constitution does not allow for a default on our debts. To be presidential, you should have picked a reasoned position and defended it, invoke the 14th Ammendment, and moved on.  Caving to one dysfunctional branch of the government will only encourage more dysfunctional government, which is what will continue to happen. Bill Clinton even said, invoke the 14th and let the courts decide, but the debt limit would be raised and the government could get back to governing. Since you enjoy pointing out that Reagan and Clinton had low approval numbers and divided houses...

YOU ARE NOT REAGAN! Stop trying to invoke him. This is a different generation and a different political climate. You need to borrow from the Clinton/ Bush playbook. Sometimes kneecaps need to be broken for people to learn. Right now, you are more used car sales man than transformative leader and Bishop Eddie Long has more credibility and he's a greasy haired, retro displaced pimp with a problem of touching little boys.

Please decide if you are going to be the leader of the free world or are you are going to be the coon in chief.


 The Exhausted of defending you