Monday, August 22, 2011

Rick Perry- Evolution in Reverse

Rick Perry is taking Bush's title as "The Incurious Little Monkey" with each passing day. Why would anyone want to go down this road again?

I Love Jesus, But I Learned Alot from Satan
George Bush Rick Perry continued to voice skepticism about evolution during a campaign stop in South Carolina Friday, telling a supporter "God is how we got here." Really Pretty Ricky? Says who? Where did you come by this information?

On Thursday, in New Hampshire, Bush Reloaded told a woman and her son that he regarded evolution as "a theory that's out there" and one that's "got some gaps in it.”

When a woman in South Carolina congratulated him for his remarks Friday, (he was actually congratulated for pandering and misinformation. That's like thanking the Klan for lynching my great grandfather). Perry replied “Well, God is how we got here. God may have done it in the blink of the eye or he may have done it over this long period of time, I don't know. But I know how it got started." So...if God did this "it" over a long period of time, wouldn't that be EVOLUTION?

I don't know Rick Perry, and haven't followed him,  but he's a sad Bush clone. But I have a strong suspicion that God ISN'T "how HE got here" at his campaign stop in South Carolina.

More than likely HE arrived...­..........­..........­..........­..........­...via chauffeure­d limousine. I wonder what Jesus would have to say about that?  Most pastors would say that he paid his tithes and God was blessing him so that's why he was riding in a limo. He might have gotten here (on earth) by God. However, he will be using Satan and the mindless to get into the White house­!  

Jesus Loves Me
I respect Mr. Perry's beliefs and I will defend his right to express them, you know first ammendment and all. But creationis­m is NOT science, and in science a 'theory' (as in the theory of gravity) does not mean what he thinks it means. This type of ignorance makes him unqualifie­d to make decisions about educating our kids.  Almost all of the arguments I have seen and heard against Evolution are just plain ridiculous­. Even so-called Christians who are scientists like say Isaac Newton NEVER cited the Bible to uphold his scientific holdings. That is because the same well spring of knowledge from which the Bible comes from is a completely different well spring of knowledge from which scientific know how comes from. Face it, using the Bible to understand scientific findings makes about as much sense as using the Pythagorea­n Theorem to understand Shakespeare.

"Evolution is just a theory"
"We are descendant from monkeys"
"Evolution is based on luck or random events"

If you know anything at all about Evolution you would already understand what these statements are NOT what Evolution is about and are pure nonsense.

Evolution is not a "theory" in the convention­al sense of the word.
A scientific theory is what one or more hypotheses become once they have been verified and accepted to be true. A theory is an explanatio­n of a set of related observatio­ns or events based upon proven hypotheses and verified multiple times by detached groups of researcher­s.

How would you feel if he Cowboy Ricky said the "Theory of gravity" is just out there?
A scientific theory is not something that is yet to be proven, or do you still wonder what happens if you throw a rock up into the air?

Evolution has nothing to do with religion. It does not explain the origin of life.
It explains the origin of species. In other words there is room for a God. Evolution does not argue against it.  I do not know how life began. I do know and understand how it evolved.
Questioning that fact is very troubling to me because it indicates a severe lack of basic first grade understand­ing.  

Descended From Monkeys
Perry wants Christians to pray to God for solutions to our country's troubles. I did and God said, "TAX Churches!"   Tax them, tax them until they squeak, until they refrain from sticking their noses in the business of government­.  And this is the best the Republican party can do for a Presidenti­al contender? The Republican party is lost, totally lost.  And all the while cultures that don't see a conflict with teaching REAL SCIENCE to their students, like China, are laughing at our leaders like Perry. Rick Perry, why do you hate America so much that you don't want it to be competitive­ in the future?  

And Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are real too, dang it!!!   By republican standards, they co-existed with dinosaurs and unicorns.

GOD is how Texas and the entire Bible Belt got to the bottom of every major quality of life indicator there is to be measured. GOD must really hate the South and I can't say I blame him. I hate this cesspool for the lowest common denominator too.

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