Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Hampshire Takes Turn as Dumbest State in the Union

For a state that has a motto "Live free or die", mental assassination must count.

Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Arizona may have some stiff competition as the titular head of the dumbest state in the US by actually having Legislators sponsor one of the dumbest bills that I have ever heard of.

A Republican state lawmaker in New Hampshire who introduced legislation to stop the teaching of evolution in schools has claimed that the theory of evolution lead to the Columbine massacre. How a public outcry wasn't held by the inflammatory, half-witted and frankly imbecilic speech is unknown. It's gets better...

Republican State Rep. Jerry Bergevin, one of the dumbest Senators ever,  told the Concord Monitor last week that his bill will teach evolution as a still tentative theory based on what he said is the political impact of the concept on society. Bergevin, author of one of two anti-evolution bills pending in the New Hampshire Legislature, linked the "worldview" of evolution to the rise of the Nazi Party, among other evils. How the reporter did not erupt into a fit of laughter or intractable anger after hearing the next line:

"I want the full portrait of evolution and the people who came up with the ideas to be presented. It's a worldview and it's godless. Atheism has been tried in various societies, and they've been pretty criminal domestically and internationally. The Soviet Union, Cuba, the Nazis, China today: they don't respect human rights," he said.

"As a general court we should be concerned with criminal ideas like this and how we are teaching it... Columbine, remember that? They were believers in evolution. That's evidence right there," he said. The evidence is right there that you have fecal matter for a brain Senator, and you were elected by half wits. Columbine had nothing to do with evolution. The boys said in their journals why they attacked the kids they attacked. They were being picked on by the jocks, they were outcasts, loved guns, lack of supervision, depressed and suicidal, blah, blah, blah. Just because they were taught science isn't related to the massacre. They just happened to do what they did at the school, because they wanted to go out with a dramatic flair, their course curriculum is irrelevant.

Bergevin's bill was filed alongside a bill sponsored by two other Republican lawmakers that would broadly call for science teachers to emphasize that new scientific results can dispute established scientific theories. You know what that's called? SCIENCE.

 Other idiotic and overreaching bills sponsored by this legislature are to make the killing of an unborn child a first degree murder offense and to allow churches to engage in political campaigning (which is what they do anyway). So, this is the party of tort reform, but it's perfectly acceptable to clog the courts up with stolid cases of murder for miscarriages, abortions or other social issues that are a constitutional right to privacy. Sure it's OK to protect the insurance companies money when they leave a sponge in your aunt and she dies of  sepsis, but if you eat a salad then that's government intrusion. If you have an abortion then that has to be prosecuted the same as someone being beheaded and their remains left to decompose on a lake front. Yeah...that's the same thing.

Some things this legislator would know if he went to any school anywhere in the 20th century, Cubans aren't atheists, they are Catholic, 60% of the nation are. They are descendants of Spain, or a former Spanish colony. Most, if not all former Spanish colony's are Catholic, unless Pat Robertson remembers an imaginary conversation that tribal chiefs had with Satan which caused some major cataclysmic event. Catholicism is the National religion, just because the political system happens to be "communist", which isn't even scary anymore, means nothing. Castro is on the verge of death and no one is left on that island but impoverished blacks that no one cares about, just like the ghetto's and prisons here. The Nazi's actually used a bastardized form of Christianity replacing Jesus with Hitler and a sick fantasy proving that whites (Aryans) were the superior race with a psuedo science called Eugenics. Technically they used Pagan/ Norse mythology and combined it with Christianity. Pretty much Christianity at large, or is Christmas and Easter religious holidays? Oh, to most of the sheep they are. The Chinese are Buddhists, again that has nothing to do with the Geo political system of Communism. Christianity can stack up enough bodies right with the worst "atheistic" dictator anyone can name, or did he just gloss over the crusades, witch trials, the reformation, the great schism, and the very founding of this nation. The pilgrims came here for religious freedoms. It was issues with what religion you think? They weren't running from atheism, communism, or columbine in Britain were they? Read a book, it's all there.

 Any country ran by any dictatorial leader has nothing to do with some "lack of faith in God", but because they are ran by totalitarian communists, fascists, etc... He may be blithely unaware that Al Qaeda believes in a god, so apparently it isn't atheism that makes people evil, just ignorance and he and his constiuents have plenty to spare.

Explain how science has now become a crazy theory that now has to be proven by a person that can't find it's butt with a map. Surely he realizes while he eats his barbecue pumped full of steroids, watching football on his flat screen, queer hating on twitter, bemoaning science to his equally stupid friends on facebook, USA falls competitively behind in the world.

 For those who know nothing about evolution other than the monkey thing, and are too lazy to actually read anything else, the Theory of Evolution in no way, shape or form comment on the existence of a god or indeed the lack of one. In fact the Theory of Evolution has as much to say about the validity of atheism as it does about theism which is nothing at all! It has nothing to do with traditiona­l creation stories (unless your a literalist­ and the Bible should not be taken literally), has nothing to do with the beginning of the universe or even of the beginning of life. Evolution is both a fact and a theory. The fact is diversity with descent with the theory of evolution being natural selection (most basic tenet). No one questions the fact that matter attracts matter and we have used various theories of gravity (Newtonian Mechanics, Relativity­) to accomplish a myriad of great endeavors.
There is absolutely no reason to treat evolution differentl­y or feel that your theistic world view is threatened­. If you deny the fact of evolution then you may as well throw out every scientific fact and theory.

In essence, if you doubt evolution, then you might as well doubt gravity, protons, genetics, astronomy, atomic energy, the earth is round you know things we can't physically see but we know are there. Creationism has no place in science class and it appears that someone should explain to them and those that agree with them what scientific theory is. This is something a politician in Iran or some other backwards country would say, not America. This proves that neither sanity or intelligence is required to run or achieve elected office in the United States of America. All one has to say is "God", "Faith", and some anti- faggotry language, waive a Bible, and stick an American flag lapel pin on and there you go, $100k per year job plus mileage.

He and all who think like him are anti science, anti intellectual neanderthals who are dangerous to all they represent and influence. They should never be allowed to reproduce without some serious mental help. 

These people who continue to argue against science continue to prove that evolution is moving at a glacial pace. Believing in evolution means that your IQ is over 60, not that you are a mass murderer. 

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