Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wishing Obama Was A Dick

Mark Halperin was terminated from his job as arm chair pundit on Country Joe Scarbrough for calling the President a Dick for telling the Republicans to do their jobs. If only Obama truly were this so called"dick", he's more like a "p$ssy" just like every Democrat that is elected into public office. Why can't he be more like W. and the rest of the "shoot first ask questions later squad"? Don't get me wrong, Bush made the wrong choices, but if the House, Senate, American people and the world at large didn't agree with  Bush and co., they would tell them to go f*ck themselves. Not Obama. He continues to disappoint his base by "negotiating" with people who have no interest in working with him and wants to see him fail. We watched in alarm as he played his hand early on healthcare, giving up the public option he campaigned on, extending the Bush tax cuts in order to extend unemployment benefits. The final insult, is the raising of the debt by tying it into the destruction to end Medicare. This decision or bargaining position is out of step with the American people, the administration has baffling sabotaged its sharpest contrast with the GOP by putting Medicare on the bargaining table. And Social Security, too, even though it has nothing to do with the debt ceiling, or even the deficit. And while Republicans keep upping their spending cut demands by hundreds of billions of dollars, the president has pre-emptively abandoned any attempt to restore Clinton-era tax rates on millionaires, another lopsidedly popular proposal among Americans, and he has instead bought in to his opponents' narrative that the reason American businesses are sitting on trillions of dollars of cash is because they lack "certainty" about future tax policy. (Right, where are the jobs?)

Does he have a secret strategy like he did with Bin Laden, sitting coolly, possessing a knowledge that us mere mortals are ignorant about? Obama needs to walk in the House chamber and just slap people for GP or he needs a titanium spine implant, better yet, he should borrow Michelle's. It's obvious that she has that quality that can get difficult things done. Can he for once control the argument and effectively state that the Republicans are willing to push the economy of the cliff for the sake of partisan ideology. Nope. He will as usual let the kids in the room have a temper tantrum and this time hold the entire world economy hostage. How is that for hope and change?

Is this an attempt by the administration to create a crisis to move the agenda forward? God, I hope not. That strategy doesn't work in government or in everyday life. The theory that people work harder to meet deadlines when they have to, creates an atmosphere of fear and paranoia which makes people work just hard enough not to get fired.

Why does spending cuts have to be linked to the debt ceiling? When The Duke of Hazard was President, no one heard about the debt ceiling. It was raised 7 times and the hill was so quiet you could hear a snake break wind in Egypt. There was no grandstanding and politicking about the debt. The people that created the debt is now all concerned about the debt they created and is making it the scariest thing ever. When you truly believe you are God's chosen political party and that if the whole world goes to hell in a hand-baske­t that Jesus will return and whisk you all away in the blink of an eye, why should you compromise on any point? To compromise is to mean you don't have faith in God and to not have faith in God means you aren't a Christian.­e whole goofy explanatio­n for the actions of the Repubs/Tea Partiers in two short sentences.

Republicans want to destroy Obama's presidency, but Obama isn't helping his re-election cause himself. Senate Minority Leader, The Blob/ Turtle Mitch McConnell, suggested that Congress give up its power to raise the debt ceiling, and instead effectively transfer that authority -- and the political pain that comes with it -- to the White House for the remainder of Obama's current term. Under current law, Congress raises the debt ceiling, which allows the Treasury Department to issue more bonds to pay off debts and fund projects that Congress has already authorized. Raising the debt ceiling does not authorize or appropriate new spending, but merely settles old bills.

Yet under McConnell's plan, which he called his "last-choice option," the White House would request an increase in the debt ceiling and Congress could only block that request with a veto-proof super majority -- effectively ceding control over the debt limit to the White House. A super majority would likely be difficult to amass, especially when neither party's leadership genuinely wants the nation to default.
The bill would require the president to recommend spending cuts -- without revenue-raisers -- in the same amounts of a debt ceiling increase request, although actually passing the cuts would not be necessary to raise the debt limit.

"It gives the president 100 percent of the responsibility for increasing the debt limit," Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) told reporters after the press conference.

The debt limit would be increased three times during Obama's term: First, by $700 billion over the next few weeks, then $900 billion in the fall and another $900 billion in the spring, McConnell said.

But the bill doesn't guarantee that spending cuts will happen, McConnell said. Can you just hear the crap that will come out this lizards mouth? Why so pessimistic? Republican­s have been making fools of themselves and a mockery of the government they pretend to serve for quite a while, yet , come next year, there will be just enough fools with their fingers in their noses saying, "Aw, heck, maybe I aughta re-elect 'em" and mostly in the South which is why we are in this mess in the first place. Again, Obama and the Democrats bear a great deal of blame for being completely ineffective for communicating message to the lowest common denominator, i.e. the American voter. They continuously get out "christian-ed", out "feared" and out everything that makes people fill in that oval on November 4th. The Republicans are beholden to the Fortune 500 CEO's and Wallstreet and if anyone believes any different they are delusional.

This new "last choice option" is a win/ win strategy for the Republicans because if Obama  raises the debt ceiling they can denounce him as a spender, if he doesn't raise it they can blame him for our nation defaulting.

This is truly a scary time for this nation, our elected officials care nothing for our best interests, it's all politics all the time, there are more people than jobs, mass unemployment (I should know) , and the people that we have elected to fight for us have no fight in them.

The perfect storm is brewing for a 1939 Nazi Germany to take place here in the American fatherland/ homeland , unemployment, war, decline of American prestige, a minority group to vilify, a fearful naive electorate, propaganda news channels, a melding of religion and politics, re writing of history, denial of science, lust for war, and global dominance. American Fascism will come in the shadow of the cross and wrapped in the flag.

I stopped defending Obama after the healthcare debacle. Had he and the rest of the Dem's held their ground during that debate, giving in the Republicans during the stimulus, the debate in December, the Republicans wouldn't act like spoiled petulant children taking throwing sippy cups around DC. Obama was again ready to give up Medicare and Social Security just to appease after he scolded Republican's about not being willing to get the job done...

He is willing to make a deal with Satan, Hitler, Stalin, Manson, Dahmer, Judas Iscariot, Jason Voorhies, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Ivanna Humpalot, I.P. Freely...anyone.

Dick Cheney was a Dick, he shot a dude in the face and the guy apologized to him and his family. Obama is not a Dick, he is a p$ssy, a dry, loose, hooker STD infected p$ssy with no traction. I can support a Dick for President and re-election...I can NOT support a p$ssy.

You see my hear me? LET ME TURN MY MIDDLE FINGER UP!


GL21 said...

Sad but true...

Redeye said...

"The perfect storm is brewing for a 1939 Nazi Germany to take place here, unemployment, war, decline of American prestige, a minority group to vilify, a fearful naive electorate, propaganda news channels, a melding of religion and politics, re writing of history, denial of science, lust for war, and global dominance. American Fascism will come in the shadow of the cross and wrapped in the flag."

As you young people say, they better recognize!

I too blame President Obama for choosing advisors/cabinet who turned him into a pu$$y. I don't know if you watch the television show Grey's Anatomy, but when it first came on there was a strong black character played by Isiah Washington. Before the show ended the writers had emasculated him. This is what white men do to strong black men if they let them.

President Obama let his staff and the media define and mold him into their vision of the first African American President. Someone who didn't skeer the beejeezus out of white folks.

I knew we were in trouble when white folks made President Obama denounce, reject and repudiate his pastor.

Rebel Flower said...

@Redeye, wow, you knew he had his nuts cut off back with Jeremiah Wright? Now that's funny. Looking back, I can see it. Jerimiah didn't say anything no black person didn't say or felt and Obama just ran away so fast and left the man twisting in the wind. How about that for friendship?

I understand he couldn't be Flavor Flav or Ice T to win, but he has certainly failed in leadership. For every redemptive step he achieves in salvaging his legacy he takes 5 steps back towards self sabotage. I really don't get it...